The African American population in the United States has always been seen as a single entity: a “Black America” with unified interests and. Disintegration has ratings and 89 reviews. Aelee said: First I’d like to say IMO , the book was written well. A quick read w/o much fluff. Each detail. His new book, Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America, describes how African-American communities are becoming increasingly.

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This group has a long history and includes luminaries such as Frederick Douglas, Booker T.

Nor does one get a good sense of the class pretensions and the policing of status boundaries that was a hallmark of the Black middle class, prior to the s.

Their assertion that the game is rigged is not an argument peculiar to poor Blacks. One could read this work as a classic casebook djsintegration late modernity. Robinson says Americans can’t forget what life was like before integration.

Given their historical experiences of racist and inhumane treatment, Black Americans cannot take for granted that they are free and entitled citizens, but exist in a more transitional American space where they are tbe in the process of becoming free. Apr 16, Ruthye Cooley rated it really liked it. Oct 04, Pages.

However, the problems of the Abandoned – which will one day be problems of the entire country if not resolved – are too great for even the learned and thoughtful Mr. Help Center Find new research papers in: But things are different now.

Robinson has presented in his Washington Post column. I think this is a survival technique used to rise above meager circumstances or it can be viewed as a way to gain acceptance. The second time is not out of desperation to survive or to resist the status quo, but out of greed for the spoils of the game. They release Jay-Z and his partners, who later see the canine unit speeding in the opposite direction.

The ‘Splintering’ Of America’s Black Population

Equally interesting, Robinson does not acknowledge how tenuous a hold many Emergent and middle class Black folks have on material success, which he tends to overvalue. Race, crime, and the making of modern America by Khalil Gibran Muhammad. An elegant businesswoman from Chicago — a stranger to most of the other guests — suddenly had become one of the capital’s most important power brokers, and disinetgration exclusive soiree was serving as her unofficial debut in Washington society.

Disintegration is probably best judged as a piece of punditry or a keynote rather than any definitive piece of weighty “scholarship”. Robinson’s Emergent category includes native blacks who are pulling away from their disuntegration of poverty and succeeding in school diisintegration in the employment world, heading for Mainstream status.


In the first instance is an unfettered youth who is not constrained by caring and morally upright individuals, nor is he embedded in a safe environment that constrains even as it facilitates ethically informed risk taking. I admire Eugene Robinson. It offers enough information to keep it interesting without boring you to death. The first and ongoing approach was to shift the discussion from criminal acts that were a function of the inherent character flaws of Blacks, to one that stressed deviant behavior as being in th a function of structural dislocations.

This is not to disnitegration fault with the book or Eugene Robinson, but to warn readers who are looking for easy solutions that this is not disintegation place to find them.

Although he may not have intended to do so, he provides an abundance of data with regards to identity construction in an age of blurred ethnic od, a desire to be unconstrained but at the cost of latent anxieties around being isolated. He ends with serious concern about the Abandoned, which is natural enough–but has very little new to offer. Alongside this is an incipient awareness of the limits to identities built on being smart and having a lot of material goods.

In the last 40 years this has changed, and for some African Americans it has changed dramatically. The Four groups he talks about are: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. The normative argument that they sought to displace was a dispiriting narrative with its reliance on anecdote, questionable census data, and crime statistics, often melded into a morally flawed, racialized science.

The challenge is to be able to hold both in tension; to fail to do so, as Robinson sometimes does, is to unwittingly gild the past. Ever wonder why black elected officials spend so much time talking about purely symbolic “issues,” like an official apology for slavery? So we are left wondering how this clearly talented man entered and returned from the abyss and transformed himself into a corporate titan.

Not after decades of desegregation, affirmative action, and urban decay; not after globalization decimated the working class and trickle-down economics sorted the nation into winners and losers; not after the biggest wave of black immigration from Africa and the Caribbean since slavery; not after most people ceased to notice — much less care — when a black man and a white woman walked down the street hand in hand.


Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America

They are embedded in loving relationships with parents who have fully experienced both the Black and the White cultures, and are therefore disinclined to adopt blatantly racist perspectives promulgated by either Blacks or Whites. They think the Abandoned don’t hear the disrespectful thunk of the locks; they’re wrong. I see Disintegration as a foundational piece for continuing the ongoing dialogue of race relations in the U. While Muhammad mentions but does not privilege the economic forces driving the harsh limits placed on most Blacks, many women, and some whites, it is worth emphasizing that a critical factor driving these dehumanizing practices is a capitalism moving at warp speed; displacing here, commodifying there, and leaving anxiety and thwarted dreams in its wake.

What exactly does it mean years later to still have to monitor your speech and mannerisms when in certain company? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The Mainstream is the middle class Black Americans who feel that they have achieved the material and professional trappings of the good life.

Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America by Eugene Robinson

He cites Washington, D. Books Featured In This Story. Apr 17, Vannessa Anderson splinteding it liked it Shelves: Preview — Disintegration by Eugene Robinson. And there was a lot on how far they’ve come, and the elite and that was interesting too.

Perhaps the nurse simply misread the name He credits his mother with encouraging him to write his lyrics when he was a preadolescent. Nor does he question the capacity of a capitalist ideology to undermine spirituality, especially around issues of restraint and sacrifice.

At the same time there was an expectation-often unfulfilled- that whites, given their monopoly on political power, would address the structural problems, such as homelessness, unemployment, corruption and bias in the criminal justice systems that contributed to Black criminality. If you are African-American you will be inclined to pick which group Abandon, Mainstream, Transcendent and Emergent you associate with the most; each one has its own struggles and complexes.

Aug 07, Michelle rated disitnegration it was amazing. It seems like Robinson pretty much takes for granted that the reader knows what he’s talking about — so perhaps I was not the intended audience. Robinson does not acknowledge this subset within the Emergent group that is fast becoming part of the so-called Abandoned.