The Diamond SD is a motor driven mobile antenna for shortwave, from 3 to 30MHz. The Diamond SD screwdriver is your efficient antenna solution for mobile HF With the main SD element enjoy operation on any frequency from to. Diamond SD Mobile Screwdriver product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur.

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Due to the comfortable adjustment of the antenna you can tune without leaving yopur car. With the supplied cm radiator the antenna has a total length from cm 3.

Diamond SD Screwdriver Antenna

With the optional radiator OPE 77cm the antenna has a length from to cm. With this short radiator operation is possible from 7 to 52MHz. With a parked car not while driving a smaller PL magnet base can be used as well, with the huge triple magnet base operation may be possible even while driving.

As any mobile antenna the SD requires the body of the car as counterpoise. If the grounding is not sufficient especially on the low bands 80 and 40m an additional magnet mat MAT can help. If the antenna is used at home a suitable counterpoise system must be built with wires. The supply voltage 12V is taken from the se330 lighter.



To change frequency you first tune the antenna to maximum noise on the receiver, diamons start transmitting with low power 10W and tune for best SWR. With a goood counterpoise an SWR equal or better than 2: In contrast of the original controller there is a choice to use automatic fixed positions for each band. The frequency and position count number will be shown at that time.

The SDC-1 power supply voltage is usable from ,5V and will delivered with a cigarette lighter plug. A simple reverse voltage protection is integrated into the device.

sd3300 During operation, the SDC-1 requires a maximum of mA. Just one antenna for HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm! Also suitable for space restricted environments, e.

No need to change the antenna when changing bands. For operations on 30 and 20m the optional resonator HVCCX is required, replacing the 40m resonator.

Antenna base with integrated extension coil, black, flexible glass fibre radiator. All antennas are equipped with a telescopic tuning element, not wire cutting needed. Solid monoband mobile antennas for shortwave. Base with PL connector, extension coil in the middle center loadblack, whip stainless steel.


The alignment of the antenna is done by adjusting the length of the upper whip.


TKA wide band mobile antenna 1. The tuner should be mounted as close as possible to the antenna. All in all a very comfortable antenna system which adjusts automatically to any frequency. Internal tuners of most rigs are usually not suitable.

Customer specific antennas telescope antennas etc. SD Cable with control. Add to shopping cart. In stockshipped in 1 or two days.