: Dell UltraSharp WFP inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand: Computers & Accessories. We will see how the Dell WFP rates in actual testing in a moment, We have previously covered Dell’s warranty and support options, and. Can’t afford a 30in but think a 24in display is a bit last year? Dell has the answer.

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Reviews and Further Reading. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Stay up to date: Following on from our recent focus on the BenQ FPWit seemed a good time to take a look at another exciting new model which has just been released.

Following in the footsteps of other popular models in their dll, Dell have now launched a 27″ diagonal screen offering some impressive features and specifications. The 27″ diagonal is something new in the market of desktop TFT screens, and Dell have bravely been the first to launch a model of this size.

Samsung are also releasing a 27″ model, the SMT offering a comparable product, but Dell have been first to venture into this sector. This is not a first hand review of the screen although we hope to feature that soonmore of an advanced look at the screen and it’s features as well as an insight into its performance in a similar style to previous articles we have run.

Too Low a Resolution?: Immediately you may notice the most obvious feature of this screen, that is the resolution remains comparable to smaller screens including the 23 and 24″ models already available.

As such, the screen offers a large dell pitch of 0. Some potential buyers are put off by this, thinking image sharpness may be lost and pixels may appear too big. In practice, a larger pixel pitch can make text look bigger and so this can be to some peoples liking. Others are more comfortable with smaller text and a ‘tighter’ pixel pitch, but this is very much down to personal 2707wp.


Dell WFP LCD Monitor | eBay

While the screen only offers the same x res of smaller models, it does offer more in the way of screen size, making it potentially a more immersive screen for gaming, and a better screen for movie watching.

I think it is important to consider that the extra screen size can lend itself well to multimedia application, but it may not be as suited to office work as a smaller model. At least limiting the screen to a x resolution means 27007wfp can use a single link DVI connection to power the screen, so it is more widely usable than the dual-link WFP screen. There is an interesting article about colour gamut available from x-bit labs which is well worth a read.

This offers a gamut range which exceeds the sRGB space and can help improve colour range and depth. As is common with a lot of Dell’s models, the WFP features a wealth dfll connections as detailed above. The component connections are attractive for those wanting to hook up games consoles to their screen e. Xboxand the USB 2.

The screen also offers a full range of ergonomic adjustments which are certainly useful with a screen this size. Dell don’t spare any expense when it comes to features and ergonomics, and the WFP is no exception.

One thing which was widely discussed after the BenQ coverage was that the FPW did not feature hardware based control over aspect ratios of source resolutions. As such, external devices would commonly lead to stretching of the image, with the screen offering no way of controling the aspect ratio 4: Fortunately, BenQ have addressed this, but it has become a hot topic when 2770wfp comes to looking for a new widescreen format monitor.

Fortunately for everyone, 2077wfp Dell WFP features options for “aspect”, “1: Dell customer support have confirmed the 2707wvp of HD content as follows: Lack of p support may also be off-putting to some users hoping to use component connections.

Dell have not employed any further technologies though to aid in reducing perceived motion blur.

However, for most users, the screen should be perfectly adequate with modern RTC technologies being used, and with the screen offering a huge desktop real estate, the immersion should be excellent.


Extremetech commented in their review that “Overall, game content looked great as well. We moved around the lushly detailed world of Gothic 3 at the full x del.

Other games looked pretty darned good as well. No lag or ghosting. I came in first about four out dwll ten games about par for me.

I played Medieva 2: Total War most of today. Looks great and plays great. Clearly the WFP offers a large screen size making it ideal for movie viewing. The S-PVA panel technology used offers wide viewing angles only a little behind those of S-IPS based panels and so viewing the screen with several people is not a problem.

The black depth offered by such a panel is also good which lends itself well to movies with dark scenes and when viewing in low light conditions.

S-PVA technology, especially where overdrive technologies are excessively used, do not lend themselves well to movie playback in terms of noise and twinkling, but this should not prove an issue when viewing the screen from a sensible distance.

Considering the 27″ size of the screen, a comfortable distance for viewing is going to be a few metres away anyway, at which any noise is going to be pretty hard to spot.

Dell 2707WFP: Looking for the Middle Ground of Large LCDs

The 27″ diagonal offers a larger screen size to the 24″ models same resolution and so while office users might not appreciate the extra size and increased pixel pitch, movie users should benefit from the extra screen size. Extremetech commented in their review that “The dark value number makes this potentially a very good display for watching video content, including DVD and high definition movies. Colour reproduction is no doubt very impressive.

Since this display is not Extremetech recorded the black depth at 0. Monitor Panel Parts Database. Laptop Eell Parts Database. Privacy Policy and Cookies.