IC RF TxRx Only IR-UWB GHz ~ GHz QFN Exposed Pad. DecaWave DW Single Chip IEEE UWB Wireless Transceiver with 10 cm precision – Bulk is available on DecaWave Ltd Version Page 1 of DW USER MANUAL. HOW TO USE, CONFIGURE AND. PROGRAM THE DW UWB.

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DecaWave was founded inand the DW chip and the new module that includes it are the company’s first products. As there is no microprocessor on the DWM module it cannot be certified as delivered by Decawave because its mode of operation is not defined. Each mode can be configured as an RTLS anchor or tag and additionally can act as a network gateway device.

It operates across a wide variety of markets, including ePOS and retail, automotive, agriculture, building control and automation, factory automation, healthcare, safety and security, warehousing and logistics and a range of others. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

Mickael Viot, DecaWave’s marketing manager. The resultant technology supports time difference of arrival TDOA and time of flight TOF schemes, enabling a tag’s location to be pinpointed in three dimensions within 10 centimeters 3.

DecaWave Intros Ultra-wideband Active RFID Module – – Page 1 – RFID Journal

This chip enables you to develop cost-effective RTLS solutions with precise indoor and outdoor positioning to within 10 cm. Is the DWM certified e. By Claire Swedberg Tags: The DWM module consists of the DW chip, as well as an antenna, a balun a signal converter and passive components such as resistors and capacitorsin a relatively small form factor: What kind of test has DWM been through during production?


High tag densities enable lower infrastructure implementation and costs. The chip requires very decawafe energy to send transmissions of short range and duration.

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This chip provides a new approach to real-time location and indoor positioning systems, location-based services, wireless sensor networks and IoT by providing accurate location awareness and communication. The DW is already in use by LG Innotek a South Korean firm that builds the chip into lighting-control and building-automation systems to identify, for instance, when a badged individual enters a room to adjust lighting accordingly and South Korea Telecommunication SK Telecomfor tracking patron locations and traffic within museums.

Users—typically, indoor tracking systems integrators, as well as original equipment manufacturers OEMs —can build the module into other devices, such as tags used in industrial environments, machinery utilized in manufacturing, or electronic shelf labels within a retail environment. It has a maximum read range of 35 meters to meters feet to feet with a clear line of sight. Previous Page 1 2 Next Page Login and post your comment!

DecaWave Intros Ultra-wideband Active RFID Module

Asset TrackingLabelingManufacturingRetail. Each mode can be configured as an RTLS anchor or tag and additionally can act as a network gateway device.

This makes the tags cumbersome for many applications, he explains, as well as high-priced.

How can I minimize the carrier frequency offset between different DW devices to improve receiver sensitivity? Login and post your comment! High tag densities enable lower infrastructure implementation and costs. TX power and RX sensitivity are tested but not calibrated. Minimising the carrier frequency offset between different DW devices improves receiver sensitivity.


Decaeave every received frame the DW receiver provides a set of frame-related diagnostic information. No—not employing RFID severely limits the quality of our data.

DW Radio IC – Decawave

Ultra-wideband transponders are typically large, requiring multiple components to operate, including their own printed circuit boards. How can I configure the output power of the DW transmitter? In addition, several automotive manufacturers are exploring the possibility of deploying the modules in new vehicles, for use by customers as a security alternative to other keyless entry systems that thieves have managed to hack.

Decawave’s DW is the world’s first single-chip wireless transceiver based on Ultra Wideband techniques. Middle East Report. The mode of operation is decided only when a customer connects a microprocessor and programs the module as part of their end application.

Jun 30, — Companies decawaev are beginning to use a new ultra-wideband UWB module known as the DWM, designed to be easily built into an de1000 RFID tag, transceiver, machine or electronic shelf for unique, fw1000 real-time location system RTLS applications.