Hello! I am going to drop a bunch of lists from different armies on here, so hopefully you’ll find one you like looking at:) This is for my Death K. The Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Army List uses the datasheets from the Death. Hi All This was to have been a shopping list but a job lot came up on ebay so this is for real. Any thoughts would be welcome. Brigade HQ.

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Consider this when the challenge of fitting half a dozen kits’ worth of mortar tubes into your list is a daunting prospect.

An Army on Parade: The 308th Death Korps of Krieg.

Your infantry squads may not be so eager to be in close combat, but Bullgryn and Crusaders are. Have fun with those Leadership 12 Space Marines. Want to add to the discussion? Highly situational, but potentially useful.

Wargear [ edit ] Ranged Weapons [ edit ] Laspistol: The Korpsman love synergy. Scratch the paint and make sure it’s not an Ork They synergize particularly well with the Death Korps’ unique orders – especially when dogpiling on an objective or bubblewrapping precious artillery llist.

Who said the conventional army fighting spooky paranormal activity was being screwed? Actually while the Storm Bolter is shorter ranged its max range is half the main gun’s, rapid fire lkst 12 kkorps to not being a heavy weapon it fires at full BS on the move, and it grants rerolls to hit with your Conqueror cannon if you fire on the same target, it doesn’t even have to hit anymore.

With the nerf to Summary Execution this strategem has gone from the only way to get big blobs of dudes like in 7th edition to a trap. This page was last modified on 11 Decemberat It will still deal less average damage than a battle cannon, but it will do so more reliably. Stack beautifully with a priest. Lead the charge and smash the foe. The following army list allows you to field an Imperial Guard army that is based on a Krieeg Korps of Krieg siege regiment.


Want to use monster? Six Death Riders Note: Very little can hope to survive a duel with this beast. There is apparently an email from Forge World that confirms that with the Death Korps, the Hades is supposed to have the Combat Engineers instead of the crappy vets, and kdieg simply use ddeath point costs for them provided in the Imperial Armor book.

Plus the sword is only 4pts, try having some fun.

May transport one of the following units: Furthermore, there is no more rear AV10 to target anymore. If you feel safe from assaults or you have already disembarked its cargo, go into Hover mode and unleash hell. Make sure to cast it on a unit that the enemy can’t ignore so they don’t just target something else. Ads by Project Wonderful!

Considering they include some of the Dewth orders in the book, I’d put it as a firm no. Your ad here, right now: Simultaneously the coolest thing on treads and an ungodly abortion only Hereteks could love. I’d personally add something like a Hellhound, or a Quad launcher.

Death Korps of Krieg Pts – Warhammer 40, List Analyses – The War Rooms

If that isn’t enough to justify his cost, he can call in a favor from a nearby battery once per game, dropping a basilisk shell anywhere on the map deaty though if he can’t see the target, it hits on 4s. Two Vanquisher shots are better than one, and if all else fails, you can fire this as a slightly less potent version of the twin battle cannon that the Macharius Heavy Tank has, making this a more versatile choice.

The Dagger of Tu’Sakh: Technically it should be a Catachan spearhead, but three tank commanders give you the best damage.

Basically gives your guys fearless. Second, and more importantly, with a flamer in each infantry squad, for your adversary is lot more risky to charge 20ish guys with two 2 flamers, or 30ish guys with 3 flamers.

An auto-include if you brought a Baneblade. AKA ‘I’m the Commissar now! It does help if you’re bent on having every single Guardsman listen to orders at all time; every Platoon Commander costs half an infantry squad after all. Each group of fortified positions whether part of a formation or not must be set up so every piece is within 5cm of another piece from the same group, and so all pieces from the same group form a chain without any gaps of more than 5cm. Since spent CP zrmy be recovered eeath again after spending, if you spend your entire pool, recover as much as possible, spend it all, etc, the net impact is multiplying your pool by deth.


Trench Can hold one infantry unit per 4cm of length. Note that this is not restricted to the HQ slot, and you could feasibly have each krirg your Death Rider platoons commanded by a Colonel. This means you can finish the job with the hull bolters, and sponsons admy lascannons will make the kill a virtual certainty. Point for point, plasma is the most efficient weapon for regular guardsmen at engaging tough targets.

Kriegers are practically fearless thanks to Cult of Sacrifice which makes them immune to morale tests caused by shooting. With T7 and 14 wounds it’s pretty tough and will probably stay on the table a while.

I therefore assume, you can only use their own orders. Stack it with Nightshroud on a Baneblade and make your opponent weep salt-water crocodile tears. Death Korps of Ljst caught in melee wouldn’t fall back because of their better WS: This applies to all Infantry units listed above, not just the Death Korps exclusive ones.

Death Korps lose Take Aim! If the Summary Execution re-roll is also failed, d3 models are slain but the veath is considered passed.

Hot-shot laspistols are garbage, so always have the Watch Master swap out his weapon – your best bet is probably a hotshot lasgun or bolter, unless you want to fucking commit and get a plasma pistol. Deathkorps lists like it to be focused on one style, rather than be a jack of all arrmy. No longer do Krieg infantry give a fuck about casualties lost to shooting, making their advances almost unparalleled in not giving a shit.