Death and the Afterlife (Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, , cloth, pages). One of the first books written in response to The Fire That Consumes. A valuable reference work on a subject largely ignored by the Church in recent years. With the second book of Life Drawings the focus turns to the events those small blessings that God provides for us each day. In a series that is quite unique to the .

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Oct 17, Joseph rated it did not like it Shelves: Did not Alfred Edersheim, the great 19th century Christian scholar of Judaica, say this was the ancient state of affairs? But that’s not true at all.

Death and the Afterlife

Rabbinic material contained in the Mishna, and in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds, are also now dated from after the destruction of Jerusalem in A. Does anyone really imagine that the family of a martyr about to die at the stake would find comfort in the explanation that their loved one will not perish but only change form from flesh and blood to smoke and ashes?

Candis Helm marked it as to-read Oct 23, Samuel marked it as to-read Dec 18, My book devotes more than lines to Jubilees, cites 11 passages from it, and points out plainly robrrt this book offers an inconsistent testimony on this disputed subject. Morey’s treatment of the intertestamental literature involves this error at almost every juncture.

Death and the Afterlife by Robert A. Morey

Traditionalists protest vigorously to all this. Walter Martin calls it the “most comprehensive biblical study of the subject in the last half century! All these two groups of people have in common is that both reject as unbiblical and a slander to the heavenly Father the traditionalist view Morey defends.


He did the best he could with materials he had. He strongly criticizes Islam, Wicca, and non-Evangelical Christian beliefs. Kyle marked it as to-read Jan 25, JavaScript must be enabled for certain features to work.

He then spends the rest of the book telling why these words all really mean something exactly opposite their “plain meaning” in the minds of ordinary men and women of every age and land. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Preview — Death and the Afterlife by Robert A.

Ch rated it really liked it Aug 16, For several pages of his first chapter, Morey eloquently calls for the “plain meaning” of biblical words pp. The body of the book is likewise frequently inaccurate.

Scholars understand that Josephus wrote from a biased viewpoint at times, in an attempt to present his people in the best light to the ruling Romans. One reason is theological; the other is historical. In an irreverent and secular world where anything goes, these points need to be repeated again and again.

And if it does not, why should anyone suppose that the wicked will exist forever. They also will enjoy life without “degeneration” in a body “incapable of deeath p.

Death and the Afterlife – Robert Morey – Google Books

These two truths alone raise questions fatal to the traditionalist view Morey expounds, thd as they provide a solid biblical framework for the case conditionalists wish to present. Although the wicked will be raised for judgment, they will not be made immortal. He calls it a “covert Adventist operation” which moved to America from Australia to hide its true intent, then, for the same purpose, changed its paper’s name pp.

Donald rated it it was amazing Aug 07, A thorough critique of annihilationism, the denial of an eternal Hell. A second example is Morey’s statement that the Septuagint, or Greek Old Testament, used psyche for nephesh because its translators believed in the immortality of the soul and this Greek word everywhere had that meaning p.


The ancient form concerned the creation of the human soul. My point in telling this is not merely to vindicate Verdict Publications, but to emphasize that readers need to be very slow accepting an evil report concerning anyone, and especially when it is passed to discredit one with whom the author is taking issue.

Morey cites “the best of human minds” and “the best of the human race” who always have believed in the immortality of the soul, with emphasis on “philosophers from Socrates to the present” pp.

One would never suspect it from Morey’s book, but these very words Paul uses were part of the regular first-century Greek conversation about a person’s future after death.

He earned a B. Morey complains that conditionalists use biblical expressions like “eternal judgment” and “eternal redemption” to show that “eternal” sometimes describes the end result of an activity and not the process or act itself.

Death and the Afterlife by Robert A. Morey

Islamic Studies Louisiana Baptist University Morey’s book devotes nine lines to the Book of Jubilees, from which he cites two passages and says I claim that Jubilees teaches the wicked will cease to exist.

Nevertheless, taking into account all those errors, Morey conclusively demonstrates that the traditional Evangelical views on eschatology are Biblical. The conditionalist is confident that the ordinary person in the street can tell what the biblical words mean on their face.

Amber rated it really liked it Sep 09,