Buy Dba Simple Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules Including Dbsa and Dba by John Curry, Phil Barker, Richard De Bellis Magistrorum Militum. Public. De Bellis Antiquitatis DBA. Welcome to De Bellis Antiquitatis. A community for all things related to the DBx family of games including; DBA, DBM, DBMM. Welcome to De Bellis Antiquitatis. A community for all Nice little intro to the rules of DBA Photo. DBA DBA First Impressions! Photo. DBA First.

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DBA + Link | De Bellis Antiquitatis | BoardGameGeek

Welcome to De Bellis Antiquitatis. I’m a lurker here, but I spend some time reading you and learning about the game. I won’t like to aniquitatis this community disappear.

I got into a discussion re: Subsequently I’ve been wondering, are there specific historical battles where halberd-armed troops came up against Sp shield-wall spear armed?

Be interested to know if this happened and, if so, how it turned out. There is a moderately famous quote about English v Scots. I thought Homildon was largely about English Bw versus Scots Pk, but maybe the famous quote says otherwise?


Found it; It is from Flodden. So pike rather than shieldwall Clash of two 28mm phalanxes in a DBM game.

The Mithridatic phalanx beat Alexander’s Macedonians! My Germans lost awfully attempting to push across a non-paltry medium river.

The way I’m reading the DBA 3 rule, an element moving up to a river effectively must stop as soon as it encounters the friendly bank, regardless of how much farther it could have moved. Then, in the second bound, it can move 1 BW directly forward, crossing the river. Is that how other folks here are playing it? Latest game with my DBA tweaks.


I’ve been pondering a similar -ish concept: Ps in rear edge contact with a friendly element they could legally interpenetrate will “refuse” any combat outcome recoil, flee, destroyed by instead making a rearward interpenetration move directly away from the attacker, ending abtiquitatis directly behind a friendly element. I’m hopeful this would make Ps a more resilient element, and encourage use of Ps screens.

You have them “fight” and if they get a negative they get to ajtiquitatis. Would they be destroyed if the element they evaded behind was destroyed?


I hadn’t thought to associate Ps with another specific element, so “No”; I didn’t think a Ps should be directly affected if a nearby friendly element were destroyed. On the other hand, a Ps would be indirectly weaker whenever it is not in rear edge contact with a friendly element it qntiquitatis interpenetrate.

If per DBA antjquitatis Ps element counts toward victory conditions, a “double kill” being two of four points to win would be a pretty big deal. My house rules tweaks to DBA 1. My friend uses them as Achaemenids. If you double an element, is the new element two wide or two ranks deep? Looks like you’ve reached the end.

De Bellis Antiquitatis – Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battles (Version 2.2)

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