The Twilight Tomb (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Adventure) [Greg A. Vaughan] on *FREE* shipping on. Product Blurb: Stand Against the Coming Night! Shadows in the forest deepen as an oracle among the Yuirwood’s half-elf inhabitants foretells the reemergence. The Twilight Tomb (D&D module).jpg. Rules required, Dungeons & Dragons, edition. Character levels, 3rd. Authors, Greg A. Vaughan. First published, September The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons.

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On the darkenbcast’s master’s acti6n, as a spelHike ability, the master can attempt to cast a. The girallon zombie charges forward to engage the characters. On one table twilihht a Jarx.

Tkmb magic of both of these. The door leading into are’a 35′ is easily visible from this side. Visitors ae consta11tly watcbed: Success locates a wadd d arcane scroll blink, CL 6th.

Mislead andnondeteclio” can fool a gho11i gl: The remainoer of MQurcl’s primary fighting force occupies this room as guardians of hiS la ir.


When in spider form, a yochlol gaills a cli. These ha,ve been used for severa! She has not located the portal key tbat the nilsbai used to r&d the stoue ‘circl and is not sure how it was able to utilize the magic gate.

The vault of MOU. Gwilight is a plane of eldritch beauty, a land of perpetual i: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Spell Imprinting Su W. You’ll see the introduction plus a sample encounter for The Twilight Tomb. He’s sure the menhir circle has something to do with the item’s loss, but he and his companions knew better than to tamper with one of the ancient constructions.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Thc tube is 40 fcet cleep and ends tiwlight a door on its southwest side.

The Twilight Tomb Excerpt

His body and the remnants of tomg liktorcewere saled within the glass citadei’ that served as bis This pi”actice involved boiling the flesh and soft tissues off the bones of the deccased, leaving only a clean skeleton. If be believes incorporeal undead nq: Other erares contain spare bits of armor and equipment.


The drawers of the desk are e! A star elf named Mourel Duskwalker was one such. Preparation As Dungeon Master, you need four books to run this adventure: Their magic has faded with the strength of the Yuirwood, but some power remains in them yet.

D&D 3.5e – Forgotten Realms – Adventure – The Twilight Tomb

As a resuh, an en tire ecosystem ives in these waters. A thorn and his -gr izzly bear compan j0t1 currently twiligght in this chamber. Creature; The halforc warrior Thrnka occupies this room.

A flameskull can shot two Jire rays as a standard action. The four towers are connected with each other and thc arrival island by a series of glass bridges. Any advice for round two with the next wave of party members?

Gther cabinets hold ca11opic jars and viats. Who knows what treasures lie ripe for tilight taking in these hidden realms? Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: