I took the official DnD_5E_CharacterSheet – Form Fillable and made one simple update: I switched it. Jul 18, D&D v character sheet (80k pdf/zip). Midnight Character Sheet [Form Fillable]. For those interested: I’ve got a generic D&D sheet, in the same basic format, that’s in the works. character name class race height weight eyes hair player alignment deity level size age gender. STR strength. DEX dexterity. CON constitution. INT intelligence.

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File:Interactive DnD Character Sheet (1).pdf – D&D Wiki

We charaxter to have interactive character sheets because we can save multiple copies, there is no paper fom its usually legible unlike pen and paper. Anyways recently we lost all of our saved pdfs. I have recovered a good portion of them, but all the 3. Do you guys have a good interactive free pdf version of the 3.

Last edited by Rubik; at It has srd and ogl included, and it’s fully customizable.

It includes time tracking, monster generator, familiars, effect tracking, etc. It links it all together, also. Altorio, aka Pasus Nauran: If I don’t say otherwise, I write as a DM.

Disrupt – other than the above. Children of Trails race for Witcher Witcher base class. I recall downloading some 5th Edition interactive.

Granted, when it comes to the digital aspect, I use just my message board to fharacter my character’s stats in a pseudo late 3.


It is intended to autocalculate basically everything, and its layout is optimized for minimum table interruptions rather than for any sort of print friendliness or similarity to “real” sheets.

File:Interactive DnD 3.5 Character Sheet (1).pdf

I’m not at my computer at the moment but if you’re interested I can post it here later. I cnaracter I had it bookmarked, but it turns out I don’t, so I’d certainly appreciate a link whenever that’s convenient for you. I also found this dropbox of other sheets, for those interested. I think the Emma’s sheet is popular?

Homebrew Midnight Character Sheet [Form Fillable]

Originally Posted by GilesTheCleric. Occasionally I might use a spread sheet, if the character is complex enough. Sheeg you go up a level: Store them online using DropBox or some other Cloud. Altering caster level is certainly important, as is the ability to alter DCs. I just joined a R20 game and became very frustrated with the limitations of the pathfinder sheet that was available fprm from the fact that it was geared for PF and not 3.

It seems like support for I’ll see if I can give your sheet a whirl for my next build, which will almost certainly be a caster. I’ll let you know how it goes. Last edited by GilesTheCleric; at You can find foorm here. It calculates pretty much everything and most books are supported.

Originally Posted shest Rubik. My sheet is utilitarian and efficient; fofm auto-calculates most things, and is reasonably good with PF things if you’re including any in your 3. Originally Posted by bean illus. There’s an open source interactive platform called Originally Posted by NevinPL. Best way to have your interactive, custom character sheet customized as you like, is to create it yourself.


Originally Posted by rrwoods. I have an excel based sheet, but it looks nothing like the one you’d print out. Originally Posted by nedz. I just use a Word doc, or even just a. That plus sign next to the quote button? Use that instead of posting 8 times in a row.

Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker. Originally Posted by Cazero. Because Pun-pun was on the road to ultimate power first, and he hates your guts. Originally Posted by Andezzar. Heliomance improved the already great Heroforge. Originally Posted by eheet Word of advice, multiquote is a thing. Originally Posted by techpriest I mean if you don’t want spreadsheets, I’m not gonna begrudge you; they’re monstrous beasts and sometimes intimidating mine is no exception.

But lack of interactivity is not a problem that spreadsheets should be presenting to you. Originally Posted by http: Interactive Character Sheets 3. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! &dd The New World, Foorm 9: All times are GMT The time now is Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

The New World, Part 9: