Please see the links below, is a commercial UV-Stabilizer,. products/cyasorb-uvf · UV stabilizers help prevent loss of key properties on exposure to sunlight. CYASORB THT stabilizers and CYANOX antioxidants CYASORB UVF. The CYASORB® product family includes the following UV stabilizers: CYASORB ® UV Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered.

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The Alkaline Earth High Purity HP product line is characterized by specific chemical and physical properties which are strictly controlled in all steps of the production process guided by our total quality management. Solvay in the world.

Ideal for use in applications where weight, thermal and electrical performance is critical. A full account of the progress we made last year in transforming ourselves into an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company. We devote to innovation towards impactful circular economy and collaborate with game-changers to spark the impact of uvv and sustainable solutions globally. Potassium fluoroborate KBF4 is used in aluminium-metallurgy, for the production of abrasives, soldering agents and ceramics, and in the chemical industry.

They provide high strength, rigidity and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing. Marking years of Solvay. Discover our technology portfolio. How do we foster collaboration and research? High performance Polishing powder, specially designed for high precision optics polishing. Absolutely no carbon of petrochemical cysorb is used in its production. Exceptional wet adhesion to aged alkyd paints, enhanced wet-scrub resistance, resulting binder can be blended as adhesion additive.


Solvay in the world.

Flakes solid form and Molten liquid form. Vanilla is one of the best universal tastes, reminiscent of childhood while remaining trendy. Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company offering a portfolio of more than products across various key uvv worldwide. It is particularly useful in the applications for polyacrylic polyols, reactive diluent for radiation curable oligomers, coatings and inks.

With the aid of the Claus-process, a very pure ccyasorb Sulphur is produced. Partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymers offering outstanding chemical, permeation and fire resistance, low permeability, excellent weatherability and release properties. High-performance cyaskrb reduce weight and fuel consumption, increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in a diverse range of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass.

Cryolite, synthetic powder Na3AlF6 is used in aluminium-metallurgy, for the production of abrasives, enamel, glazing frits and glass, soldering agents, welding agents, blasting and pyrotechnics, and for metal surface treatment. Hydrofluoric Acid Electronic Grade. Anhydrite is an anhydrous compound – it does not contain water in its crystal structure, unlike other minerals.

It is a high-value essential feed material to improve the well-being and the performance of ruminants, swine and poultry. These versatile polymers possess the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments. Acting for the environment. Barium Chloride Dihydrate is used in waste water treatment, the production of PVC stabilizers, oil lubricants, barium chromate and barium fluoride.

Strontium Nitrate is widely used in pyrotechnics. Geronol Odessa, Robust solution for Oil Dispersion. Iodine pentafluoride is used as a fluorinating agent in organic synthesis. Acting for a circular economy.



An innovative material for the powder coating industry. Lithium Cryolite Li3AlF6 is used for the production of abrasives, welding agents and soldering agents. Elemental Fluorine F2 technical grade. It’s a Windows-based system that allows Solvay to design solvent extraction circuits on demand. In combination with Ammonium Fluoride it is ctasorb perfect buffer in uc cleaning processes.

Outstanding resistance to chemicals, UV light and fatigue along with exceptional barrier properties, scratch resistance and ease of processing.

We are an advanced materials & specialty chemicals company

Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. Potassium fluoroaluminate KalF4 is used for the production of welding agents, the production of soldering agents and for the production of abrasives.

FFF – Our graduate program. BHA Optimox is the perfect antioxidant designed for your feed and petfood applications. Easily incorporated in formulations, they ensure quick, easy, effective and long-lasting cleaning. Your browser does not support iframes, but you can use the following link: ETFBO is a new synthetic building block containing fluorine.

It combines the dual properties of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide to deliver significant benefits in powder or tablet detergent applications such as cleaning, whitening, stain removal, hygiene, disinfection, 6338 softening and product compaction. Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 technical grade.