Control your website using free cPanel control panel and special free web hosting website Email Forwarders. 5. Websites. 2. Ftp Accounts. 2. MySQL Databases. 2 You will be a pro in no time with Cpanel’s knowledge base and tutorials. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a new cPanel account. 2. How to Allow AutoSSL to Replace Invalid/Expiring Certificates. 3. Learn how to resell your own hosting accounts in WHM with the tutorial below. You can access cPanel by using either 2) Then enter your password here. Be sure to check out the other cPanel tutorials to learn all the great features.

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Shared Hosting users do not have WHM access. See our page for more information on Shared cPanel Hosting. One of the more important features within WHM is the ability to create individual cPanel accounts.

Learn how to resell your own hosting accounts in WHM with the cpajel below. Congratulations, you have just created a new cPanel account! If you want to resell your own hosting accounts, this is what you’ll need to do.

Here’s a brief outline of the settings you’ll be putting in: Domain Information Enter the main domain name on the account, set a cPanel username and password for it, tutoial then enter the email address to be associated with the account.

Package WHM allows you to create packages, which make it easier to manage cPanel accounts. Within that package you could set limits such as the number of addon domains to associate to the account. If you don’t have any packages set, select the “Select Options Manually” option and set those limitations now.

Settings Choose the cPanel theme to assign the user InMotion Hosting currently uses x3 and select the appropriate language for the user. Reseller Settings If you have the access to create a cPanel account, it means that you have reseller permissions. Decide here if this new account you’re creating should have WHM access and be able to create accounts themselves.

DNS Settings Decide how the domain’s nameservers should be configured on the server. If the nameservers specified for this domain name are going to be on another server, choose the option “Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Regsitrar” Mail Routing Settings Decide how the server handles email for this specific domain.

For example, should it attempt to deliver the email locally or should it look at the external MX records and decide? It’s recommended to use “Automatically Detect Configuration” if you’re not sure about this setting. After you have filled in all of the details above, click the ” Create ” button at the bottom of the page. I was reviewing your document and looking at the Images. I noticed you still show the wrong DNS server. I asked Suport and they pointed me to NS I tried to create an account through WHM for what was, an add-on account on my original hosting account which I updated to primary on that account because I moved the original account to VPS.


I received an “can’t create account because it already exists on the Apache server” so, how do I get the secondary account on my vps server as a separate account. I am having trouble after creating another cpanel under the same WHM. I’m trying to create a cpanel for the same domain.

I want a separate section for testing v7 php. Your system has run out of available IP addresses, or you do not have permission to use any more IP addresses. Unable to find an IP address. I changed the nameservers to point to my reseller hosting account. Did I do something wrong? How did you bypass this? Same happens in webmail thorugh account setup via VPS.

Many thanks for the reply Arnel. Ok so that makes sense. Currenty the server forces the sll on cpanel and webmail, so using the “: I have an ssl installed on a domain which has a cpanel acount on vps, the website is fully ssl secure, but still have the problem on cpanel and webmail with the security notice. You say “Y ou can remove the security issues by having a valid SSL file for the domain that you’re trying to access along with setting the service SSL settings in WHM accessible only with root access “.

Can you please elabrate on setting the service ssl settings in WHM?? Once again thanks for the assistance. My question has to do with passwords on new cPanels. Suppose a new client wants to change their password; can they do that?

cPanel Tutorial

And won’t that prevent access by the WHM administrator? With reseller program, are the domains I purschase for clients treated as addon domains? Explain please, how can I create a WHM account. I have created a cpanel account on whm, but i can’t access the cpanel on the browser.

Thank you members, i wouldlike to know more on hosting issues because I’m a beginner in this field. Are the reseller options available on VPS servers?

I have a dashboard account and tried login through it after a month and it was perfectly still available. I tried to login to the main site and it says my username and password is invalid. Pls I need a link to setup my cPanel and where I can register fully for the main site. Im trying to get an account with cPanel and WHM.

Free web hosting with cPanel. Order Free cPanel hosting

Acccelerated really don’t need the dashboard. A link will do if I can get direct access to these and also I tried to install the cPanel on my system but the download was not easy and the main reason for this is because I don’t know how to creat link via cPanle and it gives me concern because I really need this. I tutorixl created an account. But when I try to login to the Cpanel using the username and password of the new account I get authentication error saying the login is invalid.


I tried changing the password but I still get the same error. I tried everything but i just can’t find a solution. My reseller account provider said its white labal, however it doesn’t seem like it. This is meant as constructive feedback, I’m not disgruntled and will find my answers soon from tech support through cpamel, which so far works really well. The documented process is good and was helpful After the cpanel account is created, what are the steps to actually use it?

What is sent to the customer so that they can activate their account? What do I as admin do when the log-in info does not work? I’ve read the different ways to access cpanel. None work for the new account I’ve created. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong, as your system seems top notch, I just can’t find what. The next reseller Tutorial is Suspending the account. It would also be helpful if, somewhere between Create and Suspend, there were instructions for Activation and Use.

Great tutorial – it makes a lot of things clear! I can see how you set up additional individual cPanels but the problem I’m having right now is that the initial cPanel reseller? Do you have any tutorials to show how to set up the main cPanel? Back to first comment top. Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation. An Introduction to Web Hosting. How to create a cPanel account within WHM. An Introduction to Branding cPanel for your users. Was this article helpful?

Continued Education in Course You are viewing Section 7: Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. Is the information out of date or inaccurate?

cPanel Tutorial

Is the guide complete? Are there spelling or grammatical errors?

Are there broken links on the page? One being hard and ten being easy. How easy were the instructions to follow? How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? Was your issues resolved? Related Questions Here are a few questions related to this article that our customers have asked:. Upgrading from cpanel pro hosting. InMotion Hosting Customer Community. Tutoria, to create a cPanel account within WHM 8. Actually, they are both correct. Our older name servers were just NS and NS1.

That error means the domain you are trying to create an account for already belongs to an account on your server. You will need to remove the domain from your existing cPanel accounts before you can create a new account for it. You would need to have a VPS or Acceperated server account. Reseller account admins also have access to WHM, but it is in a more limited sense.