Legislative Programme, CABINET. BROADCASTING AND TELEVISION. Mpmnr^ndum by the .. THE COBBOLD COMMISSION REPORT. () by the Commission of Enquiry in North Borneo and Sarawak Regarding the formation See also: The Malaysia, Report of the Inter-Governmental Committee, Report of obedient servant,⁠ COBBOLD. ⁠A Commission under the chairmanship of Lord Cobbold visited North Borneo and Sarawak between February and April, and its Report.

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In the light of the Report of the agreement reached between the Government of Malaya and the Government of Singapore, the British and Malayan Government decided principle that, subject to the necessary legislation, the proposal Federation of Malaysia should be brought into being by the 31st August Its task was to work out the future constitutional arangements, including safeguards for the special interests of North Borneo and Sarawak to cover such matters as religious freedom, education, representation in the Federal Parliarment the position of the indigenous races, control of immigration, citizenship and the State Constitutions.

On the 26th September,the following motion was adopted without dissent by the Council Negri of Sarawak: The first Sub-committe meeting was held in Jesselton on the 8th October, and the series of meeting concluded with Plenary meeting in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th, 19th and 20th Desember. A list of the meeting held and the delegates who took part is at Annex D. The recommendation of the Inter-Governmental Committe, in so far as they are not full covered in the body of this Report are set out in Annex A, and with respect to the Public Service in Annex B.

The Federation will consist of the States of existing Federation of Malaya, Sabah at present known as North BorneoSarawak, and Singapore and also agreement is reached on the admission of Brunei, that State, The name of the Federation shall be Malaysia.

The Committe noted the mention stated in paragraph 4 of the joint public statement Annex C to conclude a formal agreement embodying detailed constitutional arrangements including safeguards for the special interests of North Borneo and Sarawak. The Committee examined the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya and this Report seta out the amendements, including trasitional provisions which the Committee considers will be neceeary to meet the requirements of North Borneo and Sarawak hereinafter referred to as the Borneo States and, subject to these and the amendements necessary in relation to any other new State, accepts that the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia will be based upon the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya as it applies in relation to the States which are at present States of the Federation of Malaya.


This Report will be laid more the Legislative Council of North Borneo and the Council Negeri of Sarawak if it is approved by those Councils, the draft of the formal agreement will be drawn up and initialled by representative of the United Kingdom, the Federation of Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak. The Committee recognised that the nature of the constitutional arrangements to gevern the relationship of the State of Singapore to the Federation of Malaya was not matter within its term of reference.

But certain of the Committee’s recommendations, for example regarding the composition of the Federal Supreme Court, and the establishment of territorial High Courts are in some respects necessarily of general application and in other respect such that a considerable degree of uniformity is clearly durable.

Consequently in few watexts the recommendations are formulated in gerenal term applicable to the whole of Malaysia and the Committee has expressed the hope that these recommendations will be acceptable in relation to Singapore and, should Brunei join the Federation, that State. In certain cbobold the Committee agreed that the requirements of the Borneo States could appropriately be met by undertaking or assurances to be given the Government of the Federation of Malaya rather than by Constitutional provisions, and these are mentioned in the appropriate sections of this Report.

The committee agreed that the more important undertakings should be included in the formal agreement and envisaged that other undertakings and assurances might be dealt with in exchanges of letters between the Government concerned.

Any grants paid out by the Malaysian Goverment from the proceeds of lotteries conducted by the Social and Welfare Services Lotteries Board would not be cobold as payment made from Federal revenue in this respect.

Cobbold Commission Report – PDF Free Download

It was noted that the agreement of the Government of the Federation to the recommendations commissionn in this report is subject to the consent of Conference of Rulers to the proposed amendemants to Articles 38, 70 and being obtained before the coclusion of the formal agreement referred to in paragraph II. During this period certain Federal powers should be delegated to the State Governments.


Others remain to be worked out. It is recommended that the Federal and State Government should as cobbkld as possible set up a Joint Commission to enquire into and make recommendations on bringing term and conditions of service throughout the Federal Public Service in Malaysia into line; to recommend whether officers in Division III to V serving in the Federalised Departments may opt to join the Federal Public Service of Malaysia, and to recommend whether to Federal conditions should apply to officers who join the Federal Public Service but continue to serve in the Borneo States.

The British repott Malayan Governments have received and studied the report of the Commission under the Chairman of Lord Cobbold which reort North Borneo and Sarawak earlier this year to ascertain the view of the inhabitant on the proposal to create a Federation of Malaysia embracing MalayaSingaporeNorth BorneoSarawakand Brunei.

THE COBBOLD COMMISSION: Giving people a voice – The Borneo Post SEEDS by BPOnline

The Report is being published today. Wikipedia articleWikidata item.

eeport Lim Beng Siew, and Mr. Chia Chin Shin to represent Sarawak on this Committe, and. This is subject to undertaking immigration set out in paragraph to of the report.

File:Report of the commission of enquirynorth borneo & sarawak & igc 1962.pdf

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