The Junior DT/1 is a full commercial machine designed for small spaces and tight budgets (relatively speaking). It features high quality parts, a rotary pump, and. This subject of this review is the La Cimbali M21, Junior DT/1 “Casa.” In other words, La Cimbali’s latest, automatic single group, with. The newly updated Junior Casa DT1 is an espresso machine that is designed for the home Model, La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 1 Group AV\Auto-Volumetric.

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Traditional Machines Traditional Machines. Newest First Oldest Ckmbali. The other differences are a new pressure gauge which shows both boiler and pump pressure nice, I guess ; and a modified steam tip at least if you buy it from Chriswhich is a little slower than the old tip — about 15 seconds hunior froth 7 oz of milk, and far more home-barista friendly.

Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders. You have the option of starting the pump which ramps up very quickly or four seconds of line pressure pre-infusion. It’s a difficult concept for the “Y” chromosome, but there’s no shame in spending a couple of bucks to hire someone to do it right.

Nothing beats playing on a machine of this quality and even my girlfiend cimabli. I learned that getting proper extractions from Junior demands that the barista pay more attention to technique, otherwise there’s a risk of channeling. Usage of this website signifies agreement with our Terms and Conditions. As far as I can tell the machine doesn’t impose any limitations on your ability to extract whatever’s there in the coffee. Pre-infusion is selected when the user presses and holds any of the four volumetric buttons for more than two seconds.


Otherwise, from a “Barista” standpoint, the only real hurdle is temping, which is true with any HX. Levers typically have smaller footprints than pump machines.

Seriously nice machine although I still like the heavy use of stainless on my Bezzera. For travelers who’ve visited Europe, LaCimbali will be one of the few names clmbali they can rattle off as automatically associated with espresso bars. These rights are subject to a number of exceptions designed ckmbali protect the public interest e.

CoffeeGeek – La Cimbali Junior DT/1 – Rich C’s Review

Using a lot of water makes things a lot easier. You don’t see that level of intelligent engineering much. La Cimbali Junior reviews have been viewedtimes updated hourly. Dispatch is normally working days. Ximbali brings us to one side of the essence of the Casa. I already wrote about temperature control.


It was hard for me to find enough wrong with it to write credibly. The data is accessible and usable in accordance with our security standards and policies or the equivalent standards of our suppliers or commercial partners. If you use crap coffee, it will make you suffer.

The Casa’s pre-infusion provides similar advantages to an E group. The automatic commercial or domestic coffee machine with a stunning design offers easy functionality in a compact format. I called Chris Coffee and described the symptoms of a sticking vacuum breaker. Too difficult and complicated to list.

Chris Coffee Aesthetics 10 Owned for: Once out of the box, the first thing I noticed about Combali was that it is shorter and deeper than it appears in online photos. Cleaning with a damp towel only is not enough. I don’t see much demand for older pump machines of that era on Kijiji or the Bayz.

To reach Junior’s potential, I fimbali to raise my barista skills to the next level. We only store your juior data for the time necessary to pursue the purposes for which it was collected and for any other legitimate related purpose. Skip to main content. You can always test the sale with a post here, Kijiji or CL with your desired sell price. My love at first sight experience of its construction and design didn’t match up to the first few days pulling shots on Junior.


La Cimbali Junior S/1

The supplied basket retaining clips are very stiff. Ever consider cimblai grinder upgrade first. After using it for 15 months I think she may well be right! No negatives, no problems.

Backflush daily, use detergent First Circle, Joe Glo weekly. Negative Product Points Too difficult and complicated to list. Between order and chaos there is espresso. It does have the jynior vice however: The heat exchanger machines can be made to run cooler. By accessing this site, you agree to the site’s terms of service.

Hi Mike, Try sending a PM to mauricem. It’s so good that even though it’s very expensive, it’s a huge bargain.

During the same period I began my evaluation, a buzz about “bottomless portafilters” erupted on the Barista Guild board. The quick access to the interior demonstrates another quality of well-design commercial equipment: I am new posting to this forum, though I have browsed the archives many times The big takeaway for a prospective purchaser should be how incredibly cimgali built the M21 is.