Question. Can I transmit into the receive port of a duplexer? Answer. With a few exceptions most duplexers will permit transmitting into either port. Many units are . Duplexers are used to simultaneously transmit and receive from a single antenna . They are three-port devices comprising a combination of transmit and. A collection of duplexer specifications. A Guide to Duplexer Specifications version Celwave / Radio Frequency Systems (RFS).

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Where information on band splits is known, it is reflected in this guide. The thermal probe is strapped to the back of the P. Top guy, which had been pulled with enough force to duplexrr the upper part of the tower over.

Used Yaesu 2 Meter Repeater & Celwave Duplexer

The tower owner could tell that the site and utility right-of-way had just been cut, and he and the deputy finally made contact with the equipment celwavee who admitted he dhplexer struck the guy hardware, causing the tower collapse. Important Rules Have you read our Swapmeet Rules? This website requires javascript in order to function properly. Make sure that you’re familiar with the rules before posting or replying in this area. As can be seen, the bolts remained intact in the mating leg, and the force was sufficient to cause the bolts to rip through the galvanized metal tower leg.

Duplexer assembly being put through final tuning and performance testing and verification. When you get the loop enclosures back, just install them on the proper cavities with the proper cables and have someone tune them for you or do it yourself, if you have the proper equipment and skills.

This page is not working properly on your browser. A complete conversion, expansion, and overhaul job such as the ones described here, commonly involves between 15 to 20 hours of labor, plus.

RFS – Filters & Duplexers

One of the two tower legs which literally bent and folder over, in a hinge-like fashion. Anything other than that means the set definitely needs to be converted. VSWR calculated as 3. Screenshot of the online telemetry as it appeared during an intentionally created high SWR event transmission line disconnected.


It is important to verify that any unit has the proper length harness cables for the frequencies to which it will be tuned, as most duplexers will not meet their published celawve with the wrong cables or the wrong length cables.

Well worth the investment of time, money, and energy. In addition, an SWR alarm LED turns on, which remains lit until a momentary contact button is pressed, resetting the alarm condition. This generation of the project utilizes an Ethernet shield running on an Arduino Mega development board. Click on any picture to see a larger image. Back to Antennas page Back to Home. However, it is always advisable to check the unit’s ccelwave for more information. It is quite common for us to duplezer signs of overheating from the combination of the original capacitor installation, soldering, and RF heating over time mistuning, high SWR, and lightning will destroy these capacitors pretty easily.

That has created a seriously hazardous situation.

Reassembly, Cable Harness Inspection and Service, and Final Testing With all the components overhauled and reassembled using the new frame and mounting rails, each cable, Tee-connector, etc. This decommissioned tower was slated for dismantling in the Fall of according to the tower owners, but that work has not yet been done. New capacitor and custom made loop installed. Basic specifications are given for each unit. The End Results A complete conversion, expansion, and overhaul job such as the ones described here, commonly involves between 15 to 20 hours of labor, plus With Each cavity is then individually performance tested, followed by connecting each branch as a set and testing it, and finally the entire harness is secured and the entire set undergoes its final dpulexer and performance testing.


After about a year of helping a client with our part of the planning, preparations, and procurement of antennas, feedlines, hardware, etc. Well that’s strange, I posted an update on this yesterday along with a ham-to-ham reference and my post from here is missing.

Our moderators review every post in this forum and will flag or delete those that do not conform. Application is trying to reconnect. Note that we highly emphasize the soldering skills issue, here, because the precision trimmer capacitors used in these duplexers are extremely sensitive to heat — including too much heat during soldering.

This really is an excellent duplexer for a CM repeater. All of this is because it only has three of the original guy wires still intact, and only two of those are actually supporting the tower. Reply to email sent, not really interested in any trades at this time as I already have my next project planned out and in the works. The 4-cavity models are rated at 80 dB or more of branch isolation; whereas the 6-cavity sets are rated for dB or higher isolation.

There was some problem connecting to server.

Filters & Duplexers

Station and mobile duplexers are included. This tower leg was opposite the side of the force of the top, front guy wire being pulled by the bushhog. If you are still not sure, there are two dead giveaways that your set needs conversion:.

Please check your internet connectivity. We will not be the least bit surprised to get a call at any moment letting us know the tower has completely failed. Register for a free QRZ account. A Guide to Duplexer Specifications version 1. I plan to test locating the thermal probe inside cflwave P.