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Average gross earnings indicators for Full-Time Equivalent employees report a slight growth over the last five years transversal to the industry and service sectors, with a positive peak in the extractive industry B and very low increases reported in the information and communication J and accommodation and food services I.

Furthermore, Italy has never had legislation setting up a national minimum wage. Despite this general framework, the Budget Law established a new set of rules on private welfare schemes. For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is higher than the European Union score. The Institute is situated at the centre of a network that includes over one hundred territorial Bilateral Institutes established throughout the national territory.

Living and working in Italy | Eurofound

Paritarian institutions are set up jointly by employers and trade unions with the aim of providing their members with welfare and services. Even though TU is not applicable to SMEs, it may trigger, in coming years, several changes within the evolving Italian industrial relations system. Moreover, the act under scrutiny strengthens the tools introduced to encourage private welfare schemes by increasing the number of beneficiaries among workers, as well as by raising productivity bonuses.


Paritarian institutions can be considered as institutional funds inasmuch as the law sets out specific goals for collective bargaining to be pursued through funds, or alternatively specific schemes to be implemented through them; this category includes pension funds, private healthcare funds, unemployment funds, and vocational training funds.

Dismissal and termination procedures The provisions of the Italian Civil Code on individual dismissals were substantially modified by special laws Act no. Decentralised collective bargaining agreements set the framework for private welfare from onwards, which will consist of:.

The overall number of accidents at work has been decreasing in recent years, both in absolute terms and compared to employment rates. RSU members are chosen by workers through an election process.

INPS makes the certificate available for the employer. Some aspects of the remuneration structure and working time management, such as incentive plans, fringe benefits, and overtime remuneration, are delegated to decentralised-level agreements.

Pursuant to Act no. However, trust in people among respondents in Italy has increased from 4. European Semester documents for Italy. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Employment rates eistribuzione in the five years considered.

Rest and breaks In general, rest periods and breaks shall be enjoyed consecutively. Derogation mechanisms Collective agreements can provide for opening clauses.

In any case, ccnnl duration of the weekly working time cannot exceed 48 hours per week, including any overtime hours. On 10 Junethe Council of Ministers also adopted a decree aimed at modifying the acts implementing the Jobs Act.

Publication – Working time developments in the 21st century: A healthy economy depends on a healthy workforce; organisations lose productivity through ill-health of their workers. Statutory provisions concerning the scope and interaction between the level of collective bargaining remained largely untouched, while the largest unions are currently prosecuting the General Confederation of Italian Industry Confindustria for renewing rules on the industrial relations system after having finalised them with representatives of SMEs in and This information is largely comparative, but also offers country-specific information distribuzine each of the 28 EU Member States.


Working time regulation The provisions on working hours and overtime are included in Act no. The general APE can be accessed by other workers upon taking out a year loan intended to pay back the anticipated sum, as well as a life insurance policy subsidised by the State.

In some seevizi and particular cases that is, leading businesses or partly state-owned companiesthe government itself tries to foster, mediate, and support social dialogue. Local company-level agreements may step up these standards through provisions on issues such as terziaroo, performance bonuses, and bonuses on productivity.

Orario contrattuale, ferie e altre riduzioni orarie – dipendenti a tempo pieno

According to applicable legislation, the minimum working age is fixed at 16 years, except for apprenticeships for which it is fixed at 15 years.

Two months before and three months after delivery or one month before and four months after delivery. All’ when asked ‘Have you had on-the-job training in the last 12 months? This section looks into the main actors and institutions and their role in Italy.

Living and working in Italy

Employees enjoy the constitutionally enshrined right to organise unions and to strike. The profiles are updated annually. Jobless people will serviai profiled through an online tool, and will sign a personalised service agreement contratto di servizio with PES. I have found it difficult to concentrate at work because of my family responsibilities.