Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. ER Diagram with detailed fields descriptions (PDF files) (Release version , , ). Person. Person – Encounter – Address (). Please refer to the documentation of PHP in doing these configurations. If you are running Care2x in an SSL server, make sure that the $httprotocol variable in .

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Care2x Integrated Healthcare Open Source Environment – Clinfowiki

Get more information in the official web site. In recent years there are more than developers working on the system. Select the EDP link on the left menu and then select “Access rights”.

Phoenix CTMS updated 4 months ago. Report on existing open-source electronic medical records. Recent comments “According to the homepage: Start the Apache web server.

The work we have done has attracted interest in other hospitals in this area. It has been very stable and the staff is motivated to use it. Type the following address in your browser: Caare2x more information about technical and non technical documentation here. The project is still under development and the system was installed in some institutions like some malaysian hospitals in as a dodumentation implementation, the italian hospital Policlinico Umberto I di Roma Dipartimento Malattie infettive department of infectious diseases inthe UNIBE, a university hospital in Costa Rica in and Maternidade Candida Vargas, Joao Pessoa Hospital in Brazil in Check this link http: Download and install mySQL database server in your system.


The installation is finished. If the web server is within a network, enter specifically the IP adresses for the hosts. If necessary, documenttation can set the webcam source urls here. Kijabe Mission hospital has joined to the project.

Make sure that the following extensions and documentatioh php modules are loaded in your php installation. Any content can be added or modified with a valid user account login. Why Care2x for Hospital Information System.


documenttaion Collaborative documentation Care2X Roadmap: Brazil Med Sistem http: Make sure that the server can write in the following directories and files. No way to add new user to the system The project was officially accepted in March The project development is supported by a solid infrastructure comprising several components which play important specific roles. There caare2x also hospitals in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt working on it. There are no off-the-self systems and all programs must be customized to documentaton needs and we need support during the implementation and in the long run.

We strive to develop the most useful and practical integrated healthcare information system which is open for others to develop further. Put your ideas here Care2X Development Blog: Enter your admin username and your admin password.


Download and install Apache web server in your system. Create the remaining tables. HospitalRun updated 1 month ago. Start the mySQL database server. Now when we have the satellite system we can give remote support, which is crucial when we are using a system we are dependent on. The secret key for the third level script lock. It is platform free, but we will install it on Linux server.

Documentaation idea was to develop an open source framework for hospital information systems based on open source code. Open source approaches to health information systems in Kenya. Each of these components can also function individually. We think the biggest problems with any program will be at the user level and there is very much need for training and motivation. Navigation Main page About clinfowiki Recent changes Random page.

The doocumentation of web based software is you can access the software documentatino anywhere.