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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Abstract The history of the development of national nuclear industry will be reviewed in the search of useful patterns for the present new phase in the installation of nucleo-electric capacity in the country Precedents of development of suppliers for the argentinean nuclear industry will be considered, taking as starting point the following questions: Why the early decision of constructing a Nuclear Power Plant was taken?

Safety related terms for advanced nuclear plants; Terminos relacionados con la seguridad para centrales nucleares avanzadas.

The terms considered in this document are in widespread current use without a universal consensus as to their meaning. Most of the terms in those codes and standards have been defined and used for regulatory purposes, generally for application to present reactor designs.

There is no intention to duplicate the description of such regulatory terms here, but only to clarify the terms used for advanced nuclear plants. The following terms are described in this paper: The purpose of this protective strategy is to ensure ability to detect, contain, respond and recover digital systems for monitoring, control and protection and thus ensure business continuity.

A defensive strategy that consists of multiple levels is implemented to protect digital systems from unauthorized access, modification erroneous, misuse or any threat that could pose a risk to the Nuclear Security, Physical Security of people and the Radiological Protection, and the Environment. Engineering for new-built nuclear power plant projects; Ingenieria para proyectos de nuevas centrales nucleares.

This article reviews the opportunities existing in the market electrical utilities and reactor vendors for an engineering company with the profile of Empresarios Agrupados EA in new-built nuclear power plant projects.

To do this, reference is made to some representative examples of projects in which EA has been participating recently. Design optimization of the Laguna Verde nuclear power station fuel recharge; Optimacion del diseno de recargas de combustible para la Central Laguna Verde. It is described, in general terms, the procedure that is followed to accomplish the optimization of the recharge design, and an example is shown where this procedure was applied for the analysis of the type BWR reactor of Unit No.

Development of a simulator for personnel training on nuclear power plants. Experiencia de los autores en la Republica Federal de Alemania. This work describes the stages necessary to carry out the development of a full scope simulator for personnel training on nuclear power plants operation. The conference is about some historicals task of the fission technology as well as many types of Nuclear Reactors. Enrichment of fuel, wastes, research reactors and power reactors, a brief advertisment about Uruguay electric siystem and power generation, energetic worldwide, proliferation, safety reactors, incidents, accidents, Three-Mile Island accident, Chernobil accident, damages, risks, classification and description of Power reactors steam generation, nuclear reactor cooling systems, future view.

Guia de Seguridad Especifica. The IAEA’s Statute authorizes the Agency to establish safety standards to protect health and minimize danger to life and property – standards which the IAEA must use in its own operations, and which a State can apply by means of its regulatory provisions for nuclear and radiation safety. A comprehensive body of safety standards under regular review, together with the IAEA’s assistance in their application, has become a key element in a global safety regime.

In the mids, a major overhaul of the IAEA’s safety standards programme was initiated, with a revised oversight committee structure and a systematic approach to updating the entire corpus of standards. The new standards that have resulted are of a high calibre and reflect best practices in Member States. With the assistance of the Commission on Safety Standards, the IAEA is working to promote the global acceptance and use of its safety standards. Safety standards are only effective, however, if they are properly applied in practice.

The IAEA’s safety services – which range in scope from engineering safety, operational safety, and radiation, transport and waste safety to regulatory matters and safety culture in organizations – assist Member States in applying the standards and appraise their effectiveness.

con las nuevas: Topics by

These safety services enable valuable insights to be shared and I continue to urge all Member States to make use of them. Regulating nuclear and radiation safety is a national responsibility, and many Member States have decided to adopt the IAEA’s safety standards for use in their national regulations.


For the contracting parties to the various international safety conventions, IAEA standards provide a consistent, reliable means of ensuring the effective fulfilment of obligations under the conventions.

The standards are also applied by designers, manufacturers and operators around the world to enhance nuclear and radiation safety in power generation, medicine, industry, agriculture, research and education. Nuclear Energy in Central Europe 98, Proceedings. The proceedings contain 63 articles from Slovenia, sorounding countries and countries of the Central and Eastern European Region. L’experience acquise dans l’execution de ces travaux peut etre tres utile pour la fabrication et le montage des bouilleurs filetypf n’importe quel type de fileyype nucleaire.

Le memoire traite des limitations de l’efficacite des essais non destructifs de tubes de bouilleurs. Les auteurs discutent plus particulierement les essais ci-apres: Las caracteristicas de este modelo dificultan considerablemente la reparacion comunida los tubos del generador que puede llegar a paralizar la central nuclear por largos cudstionario.

Como es bien sabido, muchas fioetype las dificultades para mantener en funcionamiento las centrales nucleares de tipo clasico provienen de averias en los tubos del generador de vapor. Por ello, y teniendo tambien en cuenta como razon no menos importante el elevado costo total de esos reactores, es preciso construir los generadores de vapor de tal manera que el factor carga de la central sea lo mas elevado posible.

El Technischer Ueberwachungs-Verein Ecuesta se encarga de dirigir e inspeccionar la fabricacion y la construccion de generadores de vapor para que esa parte de las instalaciones carezca en lo posible de defectos. La experiencia adquirida a ese respecto ofrece ademas cuewtionario para la fabricacion y construccion de los generadores de vapor que se destinan a las centrales nucleares en general. En la presente memoria se examinan los limites de rendimiento del ensayo no destructivo de los tubos para generadores.

Nuclear insurance in Central and Eastern Europe. In the world outside the former Soviet Union, insurance industries in their respective domestic markets have pooled their resources so as to provide a secure and cost-effective conduit for the transaction of insurance business on behalf of the nuclear industry.

These are the so-called nuclear pools. This paper explains the four main principles behind nuclear liability insurance and discusses their application to Central Europe and in particular to the problems facing the nuclear industry in Eastern Europe. Development of database for spent fuel and special waste from the Spanish nuclear power plants; Desarrollo de la base de datos para el combustible gastado y residuos especiales de las centrales nucleares espanolas.

In the article is detailed how this cuestioario project essential to carry out the CTS centralized temporary storage future enncuesta and other project which could be encuexta is being dealing with, This data base will serve as mechanics of relationship between ENRESA and Spanish NPPS, covering filtype expected necessary information to deal with mentioned future management of spent fuel and high activity radioactive waste.

Central Institute for Nuclear Research – This first overall survey covers the development of the ZfK sincethe main research activities and results, a description of the departments responsible for the complex implementation of nuclear research, the social services for staff and the activities of different organizations in the largest central institute of xomunidad Academy of Sciences of the GDR.

Monitoring systems online of oil for transformers of nuclear power plants; Sistemas de monitorizacion online del aceite para transformadores de potencia de Centrales. The nuclear power plants are showing their concern due to the existence of recent failures related encuetsa the bulky transformers of power. These transformers are not security, but are important for the production of power as its failure can cause transient on the floor, reactor scram or shooting, that can cause interruptions in the production of energy or might force us to reduce the power of production The analysis of gases dissolved in transformer oil is recognized as a trial key to identify a submerged transformer failure in oil.

With this analysis it is not possible to ensure that there is no damage in the transformer, but the probability of risk of this type of failure can be reduced. Cuestiomario industry recommended to equip the new large power transformers with oil online monitoring systems and in some cases also be It recommended its use in existing transformers.

Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements. In the field of neutron data for standards, for fission and for fusion application, the nuclear charge distribution and odd-even effects for mass, charge and neutron number in the cold spontaneous fission of Cf were determined. The subthermal fission cross section measurements of U, U and Pu, were finalised.

The dependence of the experimental weighting function of C 6 D 6 detectors on thickness of several 56 Fe samples was determined. Fusion data studies involved the development of a light-ion telescope with improved time – and energy resolution. Double differential cross-sections of 9 Be were analysed. Radionuclide metrology dealt with the response of silicon detectors, as well as with the standardization of Ir sources.

Progress was achieved in the preparation of dried solid spikes of uranium and plutonium for undiluted reprocessing input solution analysis. Preliminary studies on speciation of trace metals in biological fluids were successful.


Exploratory research resulted in first measurements of transition radiation properties. Nuclear Electric’s central dose record service. This paper describes the conception, development and operation of the Nuclear Electric Central Dose Record Service, including the initial philosophy considered necessary for a database for a large multi-site organisation, the setting up of the data and current routine operation.

Lessons learned are briefly described. CDRS holds 35, records in a high security environment. The database includes records of radiation doses received by contractor’s employees working at Nuclear Electric sites as well as dose records and dose histories for classified and non classified Nuclear Electric employees. Central depression of nuclear charge density distribution. The center-depressed nuclear charge distributions are investigated with the parametrized distribution and the relativistic mean-field theory, and their corresponding charge form factors are worked out with the phase shift analysis method.

The central depression of nuclear charge distribution of 46 Ar and 44 S is supported by the relativistic mean-field calculation.

As a result, the central proton densities of 46 Ar and 44 S are highly depressed, and so are their central charge densities. The charge form factors of some argon and sulfur isotopes are presented, and the minima of the charge form factors shift upward and inward when the central nuclear charge distributions are more depressed.

Besides, the effect of the central depression on the charge form factors is studied with a parametrized distribution, when the root-mean-square charge radii remain constant. Nuclear Safety in Central and Eastern Europe. Nuclear safety is one of the critical issues with respect to the enlargement of the European Union towards the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the context of the enlargement process, the European Commission overall strategy on nuclear safety matters has been to bring the general standard of nuclear safety in the pre-accession countries up to a level that would be comparable to the safety levels in the countries of the European Union.

In this context, the primary objective of the project was to develop a common format and general guidance for the evaluation of the current nuclear safety status in countries that operate commercial filetyp power plants. Therefore, one of the project team first undertakings was to develop an approach that would allow for a consistent and comprehensive overview of the nuclear safety status in the CEEC, enabling an equal treatment of cuestionraio countries to be evaluated.

Search Repository

Such an approach, which did not exist, should also ensure identification of the most important safety issues of the individual nuclear power plants. The efforts resulted in the development of the ”Performance Evaluation Guide”, which focuses on important nuclear safety issues such as plant design and operation, the practice of performing safety assessments, and nuclear legislation and regulation, in particular the role of the national regulatory body.

The nuclear safety evaluation of each country was performed as a desktop exercise, using solely available documents that had been prepared by cwmpesina Western institutions and the countries themselves. Therefore, the evaluation is only of a preliminary nature. The project did not intend to re-assess nuclear safety, but to focus on a comprehensive summary. Perspectives for nuclear electricity in Central Africa.

The paper analyses the energy system of the Central African countries and evaluates the projected global demand of energy. It compares the economy of the nuclear solution for satisfying future demands in relation to other forms of energy available in the region. Finally, it discusses the role that the countries involved can play in the fuel cycle supply of raw material, possibilities of fuel enrichment.

Perspectives for nuclear electricity in central Africa. The paper analyses the energetic system of Central African countries and evaluate the projected global demand of energy. It compares the economy of the nuclear solution for the satisfaction filerype future demand versus other forms of energy available filefype the region. It appreciates finally the role that the countries involved can play in the fuel cycle supply of filetyppe material, possibilities of fuel enrichment filletype.

Application of digital solutions to help the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants; Aplicacion de soluciones digitales para la ayuda a la operacion segura y eficiente de las centrales nucleares. In the search for excellence, the emergence of solutions to digitize nuclear power plants is an opportunity to optimize the operation and safety of cuestionariio.

The new technologies available today in the market, applied under a global vision of the operation, can contribute to the excellent operation of nuclear power plants in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Tecnatom has a long experience in filetypee areas related to the operation of the plants, giving the aforementioned global vision, essential to develop global solutions campesinx pursue the safe and efficient operation of the operation.