Machines (building). Architect Table. Auto Workbench. Builder. Electronic Library. Filler. Mining Well. Quarry. Recipe Packager. Requester. Zone Planner. BuildCraft is a mod that extends Minecraft with a system of powered when supplied a recipe and ingredients, will pump out crafted items. Needed for, Additional Buildcraft Objects BuildCraft was the original mod to introduce Minecraft Joules (MJ) but has Recipe Packager ยท.

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BuildCraft – Feed The Beast Wiki

This page was last edited on 19 Augustat Invar Ingot wasn’t that big of a deal but if I can’t craft Pumps I don’t know how else to extract Oil. Clears the designated area and fills in holes in the layer underneath it. A Steam Engine provides enough power for it to run both fast and steadily.

However, you need to use four Recipex Engines directly attached bjildcraft the Pump to keep it pumping at optimal efficiency. See Filler Patters for the recipes. While you can already run it with one or several Steam Enginesoptimal buildccraft is achieved with two or more Combustion Engines running on full speed.

Basic Gate Autarchic Pulsar. Pipe Waterproof is necessary for making pipes suitable for the transport of liquids like water, lava and oil.

They all require Redstone Flux RF energy to function, provided by one or more engines. Redstone engines however cannot explode if they are connected to anything that accepts energy such as a wooden pipe. After initializing a Quarry for the first time, a small drone will remove all blocks within the recipse mining area, and then it will proceed to construct the frame where the borehead will operate.

Minecraft Crafting Guide

Gates are the BuildCraft way to make advanced detections and interactions possible. Lasers cost two Diamonds. However, rwcipes range increases if you power it with an engine. It needs to be powered by an engine or a Conductive Pipe with sufficient power supply in order to run.


A Mining Well mines blocks directly beneath it. These things are basically a Redstone Engine built into the gate, so you can put them on a Wooden Pipe and not have to worry about where to put the Redstone Engine or worry about the signal either.

Recipe Images

I can acquire invar ingots normally by smelting, but the wiki said I could also craft them. If you want to duplicate simple terrain features or buildings made from bjildcraft single material, you should use a Template instead.

You can provide the building supplies either manually or by Transport Pipes. The landmarks will then be removed and can be collected for later usage. For example, buiodcraft can use it to determine the output side of an Iron Transport Pipe. Items must either be supplied by a pipe connected to the top of the hopper, or be placed by hand into the hopper’s GUI. This means that you cannot automate recipes with items like recipss Philosopher’s Stone from the Equivalent Exchange mod, or the Handsaw from the RedPower mod.

Gates, Wires, and Chips. The table itself does not need any power. If you want the Assembly Table to run at a reasonable speed, you should power each laser with at least one Combustion Engine.

Make sure that one of those four landmarks has direct line-of-sight with all the other three landmarks. So be sure you have enough energy production before starting this project. The Architect Table will then start to record all blocks within buildcrsft designated area of operation and builscraft them to the blueprint or template.

Once they have been placed, equip a Wrench and perform a rightclick on the one landmark that has direct line-of-sight with the other three. Game content and materials are buildcradt and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Want to empty that pesky volcano or get rid of a lava pool without endangering yourself? This allows the construction of much more compact piping setups for item processing and sorting.

The Architect Table can record one or several structures within its designated area of operation and save them to a Template or a Blueprint.


The Void Transport Pipe will delete all items that enter it. The black pipe is the “incoming pipe”, where the items are coming from.

This will save the blueprint to your harddrive. Maybe its out of date. The Stone Transport Pipe is one of the most basic pipes and has no other functions besides transporting items. Take care that you activate it only when you need it.

If you connect an item transport pipe to its top, the table will automatically output the crafted items to this pipe, otherwise it will place the crafted items into its own inventory. When you rightclick the table, a GUI with two separate inventories appears.

Gold Gears are needed for the construction of a variety of advanced machines as well as Diamond Gears. It needs to be powered by engines in order to be able to work.

Mod BuildCraft Current version 3.

Those bars indicate the speed the Refinery is running at: Placing them in a Builder will not only crash Minecraft, but irrevocably corrupt your Minecraft World as well! Golden Pipes will accelerate things that go through it.

You can use this to construct compact, yet diverse pipeline systems that don’t take up much space. The Gold OR Pipe activates when at least one of four chosen states out of the following is detected: Wooden Gears are needed for the construction of a variety of building materials and machines, including the Redstone Engine and other gears.

The Mining Well digs a shaft vertical shaft below where it is placed until it either hits lava or bedrock.

If you want to supply the table with crafting ingredients, you should do this with a pipe connected to its bottom side.