If you haven’t heard about this, then where the hell have you guys been? Seriously, that is the most epic thread that I have seen on the internet. I found this at the last post of the other blog, but I didn’t want to revive a dead. Bruiser: A street sweeper’s tales. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. It’s long, but well worth the read.

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Eventually, the guy comes back out with a bag full of stuff and sets it behind the seat. I got the hang of talrs midway through the night.

If the BOFH drove a street sweeper: Tales of Street Sweeping

Sarvius Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: That’s like not knowing what ‘probie’ means. Later on that morning, he introduced me to everyone in the group. Some crack head just tried to sweepef be back here.

Mark then takes a picture with his cell phone I can’t wait to show the guys when we get back to the office! Apr 5, Posts: That’s seven kinds of lame. Quality on par or better than ‘She hates my futon’ – plus it actually ends! GHL – Grand Finals. Jan 14, Posts: Well, he’s already writing fiction.


Bruiser: Tales of a Street Sweeper

I whirled around to see a crack head standing a few feet from me. Jan 25, Posts: These are amazing spectacular If he had more they would make a great book.

Jan 26, Posts: It was originally posted on the somethingawful forums, I enjoyed it then. It was simply amazing.

Give me that wallet! Tales of Street Sweeping 33 posts. Can we please go now? A Street Sweeper’s Tale btw, may consist of mild profanity but guarantee emotional rollercoasters I respect the man so goshdarn much that it hurts.

The Chronicles of Bruiser, a street sweepers story. – The 19th Hole – GolfWRX

Cup of Russia I keep seeing that thread again and again and yet I have never bothered to actually read it. Thu Apr 19, The SA forums aren’t blocked from work.

Fri Apr 20, 1: Do we need to call Metro PD or something? How can i know if i reached my peak?

Fri Apr 20, Originally posted by mailseth: Alpha X Howling Cup. I was noting that the lights had been shot out when I heard something behind me.


Backstop Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Jan 12, Posts: Neadlak Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: He also let me in on the fact that the “Sweeper Vac Guys” are pretty tight knit just for how lovely a job it was, and that leaving the “FNG” in the break room is kind of a hazing.

Well, some asshat had missed the dumpster with bruiseg pallet earlier in the day and had left planks of wood scattered about behind me. SA drives me up the wall. I’m really great doing over night work and decided that I’d give it a shot.

All Hallows Cup – 3.