The Physiology of Taste; Or, Transcendental Gastronomy by Brillat-Savarin. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Brillat Savarin (Anthelme) Counsel of the Court of Cassation, member of the Legion of Honor, member of the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry. Finished reading [The Physiology of Taste] by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. What a delightful book! I feel like I’ve been enjoying the company of the character .

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The Physiology of Taste: Brillat-Savarin made famous the aphorism, “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are. Paperbackpages.

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Be the first to ask a question about The Physiology of Taste. Lists with This Book. I began the book wary of Fisher’s very heavy hand – she is an obtrusive editor, needing to insert herself and her personal recollections often.

Nearly every brief section of the book ends with her footnotes, which are called “The Translator’s Glosses. And after Brillat-Savarin describes a turkey hunt physsiology Connecticut she needs to tell her own turkey story, not leaving out details not only sartorial and osteological but also Sinological: In general, this woman said to me, histing [sic] blue denim pants over her flat hip-bones and looking Chinese-like over her straight lower lids, in general wild turkeys isn’t thought highly of and people who cook them at all slice off the two breast-meat pieces and fry them in good hog fat When his lobes turn ruddy, make your proposition Even she doesn’t believe that.

Brillat-Savarin was a lawyer, politician, and judge. But Fisher feels that “If he were alive today, he might well be an anesthesiologist.

View all 9 comments. Pour l’auteur, la gastronomie est une science morale qui se tient non loin de la politique. View all savaein comments. Cooking, the French believe, can lead to diplomatic success.

The gourmet, it is said, merges the aesthetic w the pragmatic, and is usually a humanist. To the French, the sequence of dishes w wines is as important as the notes brillta follow on a music oc. And only in France would a chef kill himself over a culinary failure: Vatel in and the 1 at Relais de Porquerolles, inafter losing stars in the Mic Cooking, the French believe, can lead to diplomatic success.

Vatel in and phyysiology 1 at Relais de Porquerolles, inafter losing stars in the Michelin Guide. How civilized can you get? We are fascinated by trivia, especially celebrity nunsense, but do consider the preferred wine for oysters: Now we come to Brillat-Savarin, a codifier of gastronomic laws, who believed that the fate of nations and people rested w vrillat. I like a legendary unrelated story of the dining guest who was horrified to learn that tongue was being served.

View all 7 comments. A classic treatment of gastronomic pleasure in an elevated, yet fluid style that delights and demonstrates with equal power. The Everyman’s edition is well-bound, elegantly typeset and a joy to read. I recommend this book to anyone who believes that eating is more than just a source of sustenance and enjoys plumbing the depths of philosophy to physioolgy even what might otherwise seem mundane and plumbless.


I’m either too hungry or not hungry enough to write a proper review. For now, two things are certain: Apr 09, Kim rated it it was amazing. This book changed my relationship to food and pleasure and sensual pleasure. Each chapter was a joyful new world of unheard-of fo and adventure. I grew up in a home with good food, but standard American dishes were the staple. I love ribs and grilled cheese, but this is another world entirely.

I will never forget the night when I read the chapter on chocolate Brillat-Savarin tasre, with just his words, brillaf the pleasure of tasting a nicely roast bird, or the complex This book changed my relationship to food and pleasure and sensual pleasure.

Brillat-Savarin can, with just his words, evoke the pleasure of tasting a nicely roast bird, or the complex satisfactions of tge, or the awed disgust at some of history’s tatse violent and eager over-eaters. This wonderful book is about the love of food and I am gaste thankful for all it has done for us.

There really is no way someone in this day and age can review this book. It’s a classic, and so ingrained in our culture that it would be silly to do so, almost like critiquing “Hamlet” by Billy S. In brief, it’s the collected writings of the man who came to define gourmandism, and did so while weathering the excesses and disappointments of the French Brillwt as an exile.

The first seven-eighths are interesting more as a history study, and with the little gems hidden throughout that bring a pe There really is no brillaat someone in this day and age can review this book.

The first seven-eighths are interesting more as a history study, and with the little gems hidden throughout that bring a period to life.

The Physiology of Taste – Brillat-Savarin – Google Books

The last eighth is, I feel, the real core of the book, where Brillat-Savarin assembles a series of little stories from his life that act almost like parables of gourmandism. This edition, though, is wonderful. I found myself reading the glosses with greater interest than the body of the work, which, whatever you might think of its author, is a product of brilkat age and subject matter. It’s a rambling piecing-together of ideas, and essays, 19th-century science and pseudoscience, and anecdotes, and moral lessons in the guise of conversation.

All through it, Fisher helps to translate into mid-twentieth-century terms the material within, and draws on ths own experiences, sometimes in pursuit of her understanding of Brillat-Savarin, to give us a more full picture of the man. It’s more like Abelard and Heloise at this point, or a romance written in epistolary form.

I feel like I’m rummaging through a private trove of letters between Brillat-Savarin and Fisher, and learning to see a complete man through the love of this woman for him. And in the end, Physioolgy think I do. As she ends her final gloss: Something must be wrong, we say resentfully; he must have cheated somewhere, taken some secret elixir. Perhaps we can sip that potion, even vicariously, in the slow reading of a few books like this one, and can feel ourselves encouraged and renewed by the knowledge that if Brillat-Savarin could outride the wild storms of revolution and intrigue and not let them trouble his digestion, as Balzac wrote of him, so in our way can we.

Nov 03, Timothy Ball rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let a man rest or sleep or dream: Aug 13, J.

The Physiology of Taste; Or, Transcendental Gastronomy by Brillat-Savarin

Bary rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Foodies, Philosophers brillay historians. I ordered a copy of it only because the one I had used previously was somehow mislaid or lent to someone who failed to return it. I can’t remember exactly phyaiology I last referred to the book it can’t have been that long agobut rather than wait for the old worn paperback to turn up, I thought it might be nice to see what an updated hardcover savarim provide.


This edition was published this review covers the edition published by the Everyman’s Library division of Knopf. This edition was published in and the main thing that sold me on it was that they had the sense to use savarkn familiar front cover that has become an integral part of my associations with the book.

When it arrived, i had more to enjoy. There is a new introduction by Bill Buford, which brilliantly prepares readers for both the penetrating analysis and quirky diversions that make the book such physiilogy delicious feast each time it is read and you are sure to read it more than once. I always feel certain that I’m being deprived of the full value of the original when I read classics in translation, but Buford confirms the comfort I gained in the superiority of M.

Fisher’s translation after a frustrating attempt to read the book in the original French which was rather futile for me due to both the extraordinary range of subjects and the stylistic conventions of the day. Buford’s comments on Fisher’s footnotes gave me a new perspective on the book.

Indeed, I began my re-reading with some footnotes, then went back to the text and once again fell under the spell, this time with a better appreciation of my debt to Fisher for her commentaries. Brillat-Savarin simply defies our expectations with his all encompassing examination of taste. He the archetypal French philosophe: His meditations encompass everything from how best to restore the appetite after it passes during an abnormally long wait for dinner to how the Romans could possibly have drunk wine from the large cups they savaarin while lying on their sides.

Brillat-Savarin is famous for his aphorism: It is a vision many have found inspiring. Aug 14, julie rated it liked it Shelves: May 08, Sam rated it tadte it Shelves: So far it’s brilliant.

Not only Brillat-Savarin’s antic prose style, but also the occasional interventions from the translator. The relationship between the two recalls the relationship between the narrator and the protagonist in Don Quijote Part II. Were sacarin beccafico phgsiology large as a pheasant, an acre of land would be paid for it.

It is a pity this bird is so rare, that few others than those who live in the southern departments of France, know what it is. I am inclined to think the bird is utterly unknown in America. It is described as a sort of confusion brollat gluttony and voracity.

Whence I have concluded that lexicographers, though very pleasant people in other respects, are not the sort of men to swallow a partridge wing gracefully with one hand with a glass of Lafitte or clos de Vougeot in the other.

This assertion should amaze no one, things cannot be otherwise.

Aug 21, Andrew added it Shelves: Here, you might think, is a book about food, but to say that is to miss the point entirely.