Breithaupt Piano – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Notes on the Breithaupt school of thought in Piano. Rudolf Maria Breithaupt (* August in Braunschweig; † 2. April in Ballenstedt) war ein deutscher Komponist und Musikpädagoge (Klavier). English (Vol.2), John Bernhoff (fl–). Composer Time PeriodComp. Period, Early 20th century. Piece Style, Early 20th century. Instrumentation, piano .

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In this chapter, weight technique was advocated by Breithaupt’s school. It emphasized on arm participation, weight and relaxation. To me, I think how to have a controlled relaxation is very important to pianist. It not only helps us to breothaupt a good tone but also protects us from getting tired and hurt when we practice.

Proper posture and hand position could make a totally different tone. I do believe in “relaxed weight”. Like other sport activities, relaxation plays an important role for athletes. Unfortunately, before the briethaupt of 19 th century, very few of people really noticed this and most of them more focused on fingering exercises.


But I am pretty sure lots of famous pianists like Liszt before this school already played piano with arm participation and weight touch.

However, no one was able to explain the principle until this school appeared. Frankly, I really get tired to read too many pino training methods in the previous chapters. To me, this chapter is a new milestone in the development of pianism. Godowsky said “I let my arms hang down with their own weight, and made no effort to hold them up.

In short I was breithupt with relaxed arm weight. It makes me feel more comfortable and relax to play the piano.

Natural piano-technic : preliminary to intermediate grade

According to the hand position, on pageI was totally trained by old methods in my childhood. But I can’t play in “good pose” like oiano chapter indicated.

I tried and felt very strange when I play in this posture. My wrist can’t hold that high when I play the piano.


History of Piano Pedagogy and Technique: Breithaupt:”Seriously people, relax!”

Yes, playing the piano is related with physical thing, so we breitthaupt to protect our body as a pianist. Actually, I am suffering from extrem back pain and arm pain nowadays because my recital is coming up and I worked too hard.

I think I need to more relax my body, shoulder and arm when I practice. Monday, April 12, Breithaupt and Weight Technique. Posted by Weiqing at Taejin April 14, at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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