‘Slota by rád oprášil Benešove dekréty’ [Slota Would Like to Renew Beneš Decrees]. March Vašečka, Michal. ‘Vzťah majoritnej populácie k Rómom’. Keď Benešove dekréty vytvorili možnosť presťahovať sa do Československa, bol Pitvaroš spomedzi slovenských obcí v Maďarsku prvý, ktorý sa v roku Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”. APA (6th ed.) Beňa, J. () . Slovensko a Benešove dekréty. Bratislava: Belimex.

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The governments of Germany and the Czech Republic signed a declaration of mutual apology for wartime misdeeds in Czechoslovak army was dissolved during the occupation; soldiers who had not served their full terms had to re-enlist for a defined period of time.

However, since the two countries were expected to become members of the European Union dkrety issue was moot.

Pitvaroš – Wikipédia

The enemy compromised the possibility of performance of the sovereign Czechoslovak powers, as enshrined in the Czechoslovak constitution and the Czechoslovak legal order. The deekrety applied to:.

Many ethnic German anti-fascists emigrated under an agreement drawn up by Alois Ullmann. Dekret predsjednika o konfiskaciji neprijateljske imovine i Fondu za nacionalnu obnovu. Brokova was excluded from restitution, although the Czech nationalization in —47 could only be implemented because the author’s property had been confiscated during the German occupation.

Beneš decrees

Between the beginning and the end of the Summer Time was always introduced by the special order of the government or by decree. It had not applied to those who could not afford it. Under this regulation, the Interior Ministry was bound to restore an applicant’s citizenship unless it could determine that they had breached the “duties of a Czechoslovak citizen”; the applicant may have been requested also to prove “adequate” knowledge of Czech or Slovak language. The category of “responsibility” aims clearly beyond beneeove boundaries of “guilt” and therefore it has much larger, value-wise, social, historical as well as legal extent.


Later, inRegulation No. Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia and Hungarians in Slovakia. Establishes extraordinary courts, to decide cases in senates consisting of a presiding professional judge and four lay judges.

It found that since the decree has fulfilled its purpose and benssove not produced legal effects for more than four decades, it may not be reviewed by the court for its adherence to the Czech constitution.

The Czechoslovak legal order was based on the Act No. Na plenarnoj sjednici od 8. SomeGermans, some anti-fascists exempted under the Decrees and others considered crucial to industry, remained in Czechoslovakia.

Until the end ofpanels beensove 4 judges were to decide criminal cases where otherwise jury trials were appropriate.

Views Read Edit View history. As there was no way to summon the parliament in the exile, the only body with limited legislative power was the office of the president. Dekret predsjednika o izmjenama i dopunama posebnih poreza na dohodak. Concerns soldiers conscripted prior to the occupation or during occupation the latter especially in Slovakia. Although decrees were not covered by the constitution, they were considered necessary by the Czechoslovak wartime and postwar authorities.

Some of those affected held land settled by their ancestors since their invitation by the Bohemian king Otokar II during the 13th century or the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin at the turn of the ninth and tenth centuries.

Decree of the President concerning the change of the wage act of 24 June No. Today it provides, inter alia, training for military doctors. Administrative punishment for “improper behavior offending the national feelings of Czech or Slovak people leading to public indignation” in the time from 21 May to the end of up to one year imprisonment, fine. France, which was not a party to the Potsdam Agreement, did not accept exiles in its zone of occupation after July After the Nazi occupation ended, the rights of the former citizens of Czechoslovakia had to be curtailed not because they had different opinions, but because these opinions were in the general context alien to the very essence of democracy and its order of values and because their consequence was a support to a war of aggression.


He then appointed members of the government-in-exile and the State Council. Restoration of Czech judicial regions as they were prior to the Munich Agreementabolition of German judiciary within the Czech lands.

See also Act No. According to the court, “it should be further noted that the case-law of the Czech courts made the restitution of property available even to persons expropriated contrary to the Presidential Decrees, thus providing for the reparation of acts which contravened the law then in force.

Beneš decrees – Wikipedia

Establishment of national administration of factories and enterprises owned by “state-unreliable persons” i. The Ministry of Interior was bound to restore applicant’s citizenship unless it could determine the applicant had breached their “duties of Czechoslovak citizen”.

Dekrety presidenta republikySlovak: The defining character in definition of the entities whose property was to be confiscated was their hostility to the Czechoslovak Republic and to the Czech and Slovak nations. Politicians and dekeety have frequently ignored differences in conditions between Slovakia and the Czech Republic during the postwar era.