Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing. Author(s): P. Godefroid, M. Levin, D. Molnar. Download: Paper (PDF). Date: 8 Feb Document Type: Reports. Additional . Fuzzing or fuzz testing is an automated software testing technique that involves providing . A whitebox fuzzer can be very effective at exposing bugs that hide deep in the program. However, the time used for analysis (of the program or its. Automated Whitebox. Fuzz Testing. Patrice Godefroid (Microsoft Research) . Michael Y. Levin (Microsoft Center for. Software Excellence) . David Molnar.

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A fuzzer can be categorized as follows: Typically, fuzzers are used to test programs that take structured inputs.

An effective fuzzer generates semi-valid inputs that are “valid enough” so that they are not directly rejected from the parser and “invalid enough” so that they might stress corner cases and exercise interesting program behaviours. Unlike whiitebox fuzzers, a generation-based fuzzer does not depend on the existence or quality of a corpus of seed inputs. What constitutes a valid input may be explicitly specified in an input model.

This leads to a reasonable performance overhead but informs the fuzzer about the increase in code coverage during fuzzing, which makes gray-box fuzzers extremely efficient vulnerability detection tools. We have implemented this algorithm in SAGE Scalable, Automated, Guided Executiona new tool employing x86 instruction-level tracing and emulation for whitebox fuzzing of fuaz file-reading Windows applications. The corpus of seed files may contain thousands of potentially similar inputs.

A mutation-based fuzzer leverages an existing corpus of seed inputs during fuzzing.

Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing – NDSS Symposium

Some fuzzers have the capability to do both, to generate inputs from scratch and to generate inputs by mutation of existing seeds. View Publication Research Areas Programming languages and software engineering Security, privacy, and cryptography. Modern web browsers undergo extensive fuzzing. However, there are attempts to identify and re-compute a potential checksum in the mutated input, once a dumb mutation-based fuzzer has modified the protected data.


In automated software testingthis is also called the test oracle problem.

This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat The disadvantage of dumb fuzzers can be illustrated by means of the construction of a valid checksum for a cyclic redundancy check CRC. When the program processes the received file and the recorded checksum does not match the re-computed checksum, then the file is rejected as invalid.

The term “fuzzing” originates from a class project, taught by Barton Miller at the University of Wisconsin. Typically, a fuzzer distinguishes between crashing and non-crashing inputs in the absence of specifications and to use a simple and objective measure.

For instance, AFL is a dumb mutation-based fuzzer that modifies a seed file by flipping random bitsby substituting random bytes with “interesting” values, and by moving or deleting blocks of data. A fuzzer produces a large number of inputs in a relatively short time. The project was designed to test the whitdbox of Unix programs by executing a large number of random inputs in quick succession until they crashed.

Retrieved 31 August Hence, there are attempts to develop blackbox fuzzers that can incrementally learn about the internal structure and behavior of a program during fuzzing by observing the program’s output given an input.

For instance, OSS-Fuzz runs large-scale, long-running fuzzing campaigns for several security-critical software projects where each previously unreported, distinct bug is reported directly to a bug wwhitebox.

Fuzzing – Wikipedia

Levin; David Molnar Automated seed selection or test suite reduction allows users to pick the best seeds in order to maximize the total number of bugs found during a fuzz campaign. Autojated effective fuzzer generates semi-valid inputs that are “valid enough” in that they are not directly rejected by the parser, but do create unexpected behaviors deeper in the program and are “invalid enough” to expose corner cases that have not been properly dealt with. Crashes can be easily identified and might indicate potential vulnerabilities e.

The New York Times. Fuzzing in combination with dynamic program analysis can be used to try and generate an input that actually witnesses the reported problem.


Retrieved 14 March For instance, if the input can be modelled as an abstract syntax tree automatedd, then a smart mutation-based fuzzer [26] would employ random transformations to move complete subtrees from one node to another. Inthe crashme tool was released, which was intended to test the robustness of Unix and Unix-like operating systems by executing random machine instructions.

However, the absence of a crash does not indicate the absence of a vulnerability. Retrieved 13 March A black-box fuzzer [6] [26] treats the program as a black box and is unaware of internal program structure. Traditionally, fuzz testing tools apply random mutations to well-formed inputs of a program and test the resulting values. Hence, a blackbox fuzzer can execute several hundred inputs autmoated second, can be easily parallelized, and can scale to programs of arbitrary size.

For instance, in the Google OSS-fuzz project produced around 4 trillion inputs a week. Internet security Cyberwarfare Computer security Mobile security Network security.

Automated bug triage is used to group a large number of failure-inducing inputs by root cause and to prioritize each individual bug by severity.

Fuzzing can also be used to detect “differential” bugs if a reference implementation is available.

Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing

For instance, a random testing tool that generates inputs at random is considered a blackbox fuzzer. However, the time used for analysis of the program or its specification can become prohibitive. If an execution revealed undesired behavior, a bug had been detected and was fixed. Software testing Computer security procedures. For the purpose of security, input that crosses a trust boundary is often the most interesting. CS1 German-language sources de.