‘ATHMA VIDYA VILASA’ OF AVADHOOTHA .. describing the splendor of Atma vidya everyday, will grow mature in the wisdom of the supreme. [Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio. Ravi Kiran ravikiranm at . Wed Jul 13 CDT Previous message: [Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts. Swamini Lalitananda has joined hands with Sri. Omananda Swamiji in a noble undertaking. Together they are raising funds to house, feed and educate over.

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December 31, Home Help Search Login Register. R Hero Member Posts: Narayanan; Published by Kamakoti Kosasthanam, Chennai. I bow down to that first great Teacher Sri Dakshinamurti who cidya immaculate, whose lotus hand is in the Chinmudra pose, who bestows on His devotees all their desires, and who is overflowing with endless bliss. I now begin to say a few sweet words of praise, in order that I may rest in my own Self.

I whose divine greatness has been awakened by the teaching of my Guru preceptor Paramsivendra. The Supreme Soul shines pure and awake, devoid of all mutations vikalpas ; it is unique, eternal and free from passion.

It is an indivisible whole, untouched by Maya and free from the gunas. By the grace of his good Guru, the wise man rejoices silently and much pleased at heart, and with his mind submerged in his own nature, vidha Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. The good Sannyasin is unique, vilsa at will in the utmost regions of incomparable Bliss, with his heart’s passions completely cooled by its proximity to the surging waves of Grace flowing from his good teacher, Guru.

The good Ascetic, from whose heart darkness has been dispelled by the sun like radiance of his good Guru’s Grace, is sporting in vidyq boundless ocean of Bliss.


The Sage rests quiet, visualizing the Atman that remains after he has by his buddhi intellect uncreated by involution the five elements, inverting the wtma of their creation evolution. He wanders about, with his desires crushed vjlasa with his pride, self esteem and envy all gone, realizing in his mind that this universe in its entirety is insubstantial and proceeds from Maya. He sports like a child, plunged in the Ocean of Pure Bliss and delighted with the diverse actions of men, without any feeling ‘You’ and ‘I’.

Delighted in the Atman in his Self and rid of bondage of karma actionthe Prince of Sannyasins is wandering about in the outskirts of the jungle, like a deaf, blind idiot. Alone the happy one enjoys, remaining in the close embrace of Shanti equanimity on the bed of his own Ananda blissserene and unruffled by all other sensations. The King of Ascetics shines supreme in his own kingdom, he in majesty of his own blissful Self Atmanhaving made all the wealth of non attachment his own and having uprooted his enemies, the sense pleasures.

Though the sun be cool, though the moon scorch and the tongue of fire leap forward, the jivanmukta knows it to be the work of Maya and does not wonder atmq. The King of Ascetics sports in the expanse of unvarying Bliss, which is ever most pleasing, riding high on the neck of the elephant of Right Knowledge and vanquishing his enemy, Ignorance.


He shines supreme enjoying, as Existence Knowledge Bliss, with the blemish of egoism gone, with his mind quite calm and composed, and with his thoughts cool and pleasant like the full moon. Having skillfully caught the fickle antelope of his manas mind in the net of Discernment Vimarsana he, the unique one, reposes in the Self, tired with hunting in the forests of the Vedas.

[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

Unique he triumphs, wandering at will, in the forest of Fearlessness, having felled the cruel tiger called Chitta mentality with the sharp edged sword of his brave mind manas. The blemish-less Sun of a Supreme Ascetic stalks unique in the sky of Chit Knowledgewith his abundant thoughts as the rays causing the lotuses of good men’s hearts to bloom.

The great Muni shines in the ethereal region of Chit Vishnupadathe fit abode of the Gods, a spotless moon which causes the blue lilies to bloom and the moonlight of whose wisdom dispels ignorance. The Recluse is the gentle wind which blows pleasantly in the grove of Knowledge-Bliss and prevents all fatigue by its lovely progress, along with the fragrance of flowers Realized souls. The Ascetic shines, a peacock in the region of the forests, whence fear has fled and where grow the luscious fruit of Beatitude Nisreya and the pleasing flowers of perfect knowledge.

Abandoning the desert region of the worthless world, he, the good swan, sports freely in this excellent lake which is all Chit Knowledge and full of sweet waters of perfect Bliss. The great recluse is the cuckoo which coos soft sweet words, in the grove which is made cool by the secret lore Tantras of the Upanishads and where all the Vedas are in bloom. The excellent man of wisdom is the great lion which sports in the wide forest of Bliss, having torn asunder the wild elephant Delusion Moha and driven away all the tigers, which are sins.

The Sage shines supreme, silent and placid, with the ground under the tree as his resting place, and with his palm as the begging bowl, wearing nothing but only the jewel of non attachment. The great Recluse who has awakened to the state of the perfect Existence-Knowledge-Bliss rests in his house, which is the deserted bush on the river bank, on the rare and very comfortable bed of soft sands.

The Recluse shines as a king of kings, resting serenely on the soft bed of bare ground, with cool breeze as his unique chamara royal whisk and with the full moon as the lamp of his royal chamber. The king of ascetics take his rest on a broad slab of stone, which is lovely because on every side of it the pure waters of the river are flowing, while the southern breeze from the Malaya Hills blows gently.

Verily the silent sage, ever engaged in inward meditation, takes the alms placed in his hands as foods and wanders along the street like an idiot. Taking rest in the outskirts of the forest and regarding the entire universe as a mere blade of grass, the Yogin, his body smeared with mud and straw, enjoys secret Bliss in regions beyond old age and death.


The Yogin sees nothing; nor does he speak; he does not hear any word, that is spoken. He remains steadfast in the incomparable region of Bliss; the immovable like a block of wood. The great Sannyasin who knows the truth of all the Vedas wanders like an ignorant fool unnoticed, devoid of every sense of difference, and seeing only perfection everywhere and in all creatures.

Embracing the lady Virati equanimity and by bliss overpowered, he sleeps with his hand for a pillow, with nothing for coverlet, and with the bare ground as bedding. In the inner apartments of the Vedas, the king of ascetics delights in self illumination, as in the company of lovely courtesans whose lingering vestige of difference is all gone.

The king amongst ascetics enjoys the company of Mukti in the lofty mansions of Truth, which is reached by the broad way of Vairagya and which is lit by the excellent lamp of supreme knowledge. The man who knows the Self accepts as a rosary the rows of blue lily flowers in lonely places and as a divine healing herb kalpavalli the absence of carnal desire and as magic pills of immortality, in the absence of egoism.

The Sage rejects nothing, considering it bad. Nor does he accept anything, considering is good. Knowing that everything is the result of avidya ignorancehe remains unattached to anything.

He does not think of all of what is past, nor does he care in his mind about the future. He does not even care what is in front of him. He is the One Perfect Bliss in everything.

The King of Sannyasins rests alone, rooted in Self and enjoying the inner Bliss. He rejects nothing that comes to him and never desires what does not come to vilzsa.

Alone, a mendicant is disporting himself as he pleases, free from all bondage, having reached the stage of perfection with his pure, full blown Knowledge Bliss. The great ascetic transcends the rule of varna and asrama caste and statusshaking off from him the injunctions and prohibitions of Sastras. He remains merely the perfect Knowledge Bilss. vilwsa

Enjoying the fruit vilaa the prarabdha karma, the wise man destroys all karma and having slipped off the bonds which bind him through his body, he becomes verily the Absolute Brahman. The eternal That Tat shines, unperceived by the eye, the nose and the tongue, free from the gunas of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, the One Truth, peerless and unafraid. The wise man contemplating daily on the splendor of atma vidya described here will grow ripe in the wisdom of the Supreme Soul and reach at once the Ultimate Truth.

Thus is completed this work named Atma Vidya Vilasa composed by by Sadasivendra, the disciple of the gracious guru, Paramasivendra.