color correction (green/magenta) adjustment through Auto or manual setting. Weight, ALEXA Plus camera body + SxS Module: Kg/ lb ALEXA Plus. The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself of the ALEXA camera family: ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT, ALEXA XT and ALEXA. meters off the ground, a couple of brave athletes, a twenty-some person crew , and ARRI equipment participated in the launch of this year’s Deutschlandjahr.

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Camera Simulators

Sensor Active Image Area photosites. With the 14 different recording formats we have in the ALEXA SXT we are offering the best image quality and most efficient workflow for the most common production, post and distribution requirements.

You can use both traditional anamorphic lenses with a 2x squeeze factor like the ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses as well as anamorphic lenses with a 1.

Built-in motorized ND filters 0. Choosing an EI setting that is higher or lower than the optimal setting will result in a sometimes surprisingly large loss ari exposure latitude.

ARRI | Inspiring your Vision

Sensor Active Manuql Area dimensions. Manual behind the lens FSND filters: Ultimately, for me owning an ALEXA Mini wasn’t a money-making decision but it was about investing in myself and my career. Recorded file contains 4K cine standard width with extra height for VFX tracking markers or repositioning.


It changes the entire attitude of filmmaking, and it gives the actors more of a natural feeling of being in the scene. I think ALEXA is the best system out there, with different camera models and recording options to choose from, all offering — to my eye — the highest image quality.

Lower data rate and smaller image qrri than Open Gate. During this procedure, the timecode display on the home screen, on the timecode menu screen as well as on the status overlays is flashing. The reliability of ARRI cameras was outstanding and indeed a relief. It has a built-in video transmitter which makes the camera smaller and lighter than it would be with an external transmitter.

Exposure and Focus Tools. The WCU-4 connects directly to the camera’s radio, so there manial no extra boxes or cables. Software- and Firmware Updates. Using the built-in webremote; any computer, tablet or phone can remotely control all camera functions via WiFi or ethernet. Recording File Container Size pixel. Manual and auto white balance, adjustable from K to K in 10K steps.

We used two ALEXA Minis also for the scenes where we were climbing mountains and also for the multicam shots of the action scenes. Any time savings that can be made during these transitions will have a big impact on the daily shooting schedule.


It arr many important questions that have been asked by other users. Standard real-time recording Pre-recording Intervalometer Stop Motion. Find more information here. Since the Mini is so versatile and easy to rig it was the perfect fit allowing us to shoot more and wait less.

Camera creates a ready-to-view ProRes file in the 2K DCI delivery format, with no de-bayering, cropping, rescaling or de-squeezing needed in post.

Camera Simulators

A distribution format defines how the final product is delivered to the consumer. Camera setup and power-up are quicker, and productions are able to move faster. Recording File Image Content pixel. It was definitely a big investment for me but it is worth it as it gives me access to, in my opinion, the best image out there.

A higher input voltage range allows more flexibility on manhal choice. So while a sensor mode defines a certain number of photosites on the sensor, those may be recorded straight or up or down-sampled to create the pixels of the recording format.

Jamming has finished when the timecode display stops flashing, then the timecode source can be disconnected.