The First Matabele War was fought between and in modern day Zimbabwe. It pitted the British South Africa Company against the Ndebele ( Matabele). The Anglo-Ndebele War (the War of dispossession) The causes of the War between the whites and the Ndebele were borne in the relationship that. Study Anglo Ndebele War flashcards from Simba Ndoro’s class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android app. ✓ Learn faster with spaced repetition.

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As a result the Company officials demanded from the raiders that they leave immediately. In this they were more restrained than usual as they generally abducted the suitably aged young men and women and killed everyone else.

The town, mostly made up of wood-beam huts with mud dagga walls, was largely destroyed.

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The British South Africa Company had no more than troops in the British South Africa Company’s Policewith an undetermined number of possible colonial volunteers and an additional Tswana Bechuana allies. It generated a sense of fear in the Ndebele and made the British South Africa Police seem invincible.

A Time to Die. In one engagement, for example, 50 company soldiers with just four Maxim guns fought off 5, Ndebele warriors.

Knight, Ian July The British government agreed that the British South Africa Company would administer the territory stretching from the Limpopo to the Zambezi under royal charter.

Company rule in Rhodesia. In the night the river rose, and early the next morning the Matabele surrounded the Shangani Patrol, overwhelming Wilson and his followers. Charges were later made in the British House of Commons dnebele the company, accusing them of having provoked the Ndebele in order to secure their territory. Ndbele using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In order to save face, Lobengula was impelled to send a raiding party of several thousand warriors to bring his vassal to heel.


An attempt was made to induce Lobengula to surrender, but no replies were received to the messages. How Civilisation Came to Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The Matabele army mobilised to prevent Forbes from reaching the city, and twice engaged the column as it approached: No man who had been attached to the column confirmed this, but company authorities thought it unlikely that the Matabele would simply invent such a story.

Journals of the Mashonaland Mission to Views Read Edit View history. Within nine months the rebuilt town of Bulawayo had a population of 1, colonials with over 2, more prospectors in the various goldfields.

Ferguson, Niall April However, after enquiry the company was exonerated from the charge by Lord Riponthe Colonial Secretary. The raiding party destroyed several villages and murdered many of the inhabitants.

First Matabele War

However, the local British South Africa Company administration felt that they had to intervene to avoid losing the confidence of the local people who complained that they were not wsr given any support against the raid.

Cecil Rhodeswho was Prime Minister of the Cape Colony and Leander Starr Jamesonthe Administrator of Mashonaland also tried to avoid war to prevent loss of confidence in the future of the territory. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat The Ndebele refused and in the hostilities that developed the Ndebele sustained about 40 casualties; nddebele led to their withdrawal.

Marshall Hole, Hugh Throughout andLobengula ensured that his raiding parties were directed away from their main target areas of Mashonaland and so precluded possible clashes between his zealous young commanders and the white settlers. During this year there was great activity in exploiting Matabelelandwith “Stands” or plots being sold at extraordinary prices in Bulawayo. The First Matabele War was fought between and in modern day Zimbabwe.

But as a psychological weapon, the Maxim gun was truly phenomenal.

Forbes’ combined column moved on the Matabele king’s capital at Bulawayoto the south-west. However, Forbes’ forces were unable to cross the river in time. In the resultant conflagration, the city’s large store of ivory, gold and other treasure was destroyed, and its ammunition magazine exploded. African resistance to colonialism Conflicts in Conflicts in in Matabeleland in Matabeleland Wars involving the British South Africa Company Wars involving the states and peoples of Africa.


An additional force of Bechuanas wqr on Bulawayo from the south under Khama IIIthe most influential of the Bamangwato chiefs, and a staunch ally of the British. Matters came to a head when Lobengula approved a raid to forcibly extract tribute from a Mashona chief in the district of the town of Fort Victoriawhich inevitably led to a clash with the Company.

First Matabele War – Wikipedia

Advanced scouts for the colonial forces, including Burnham and Selousreached Bulawayo that same day, only to watch as Lobengula blew up his arsenal of ammunition rather than allow it to be captured by the company. By this time, Lobengula and his warriors were in full flight towards the Zambezi.

Date October — January Centenary of the Matabele War of Following the end of the war, one of Lobengula’s izinDuna said that just before Forbes’ column had reached the Shangani on 3 Decemberthe king had attempted to buy the pioneers off.

In less than optimal situations, such as hilly or mountainous terrain or dense vegetation with poor lines of sight, the Maxim gun resulted in little direct impact on enemy deaths. Garden City, New York: According to this story, two Matabele messengers, Petchan and Sehuloholu, had been given a box of gold sovereignsand instructed to intercept the column before it reached the river.

Shangani Bembezi Shangani Patrol. Queen Victoria signed the charter in There was a delay of just over two months August to October while Jameson corresponded with Rhodes in Cape Town and considered how to amass enough troops to undertake an invasion of Matabeleland.