The following are excerpts from Raymond Fowler’s book, The Andreasson Affair – The Documented Investigation of a Woman’s Abduction Aboard a UFO. Episode The Andreasson Affair · August 2, · Henry Zebrowski · ALIENS . Info. Episodes. Share. This content requires a premium. The Andreasson Affair: The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind ( Book, ) by Raymond E. Fowler. $ Paperback. Red Wheel/Weiser.

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An Interview with Betty Andreasson Luca. Return to Vida en Nuestra Galaxia.

The Andreasson Affair: The Documented Investigation of a Woman’s Abduction Aboard a UFO

Return to Abductions and Aductees. The Trigger of Alien Abduction. Betty Andreasson’s alien abduction and NDE. Her name is Betty Andreasson Luca who is a devout Christian. During her abduction, she was taken before a being of intense light anfreasson love called “the One. This description of andreasosn being is remarkably similar to descriptions of the so-called ” Being of Light” encountered in near-death experiences.

Her first abduction occurred during her childhood and culminated with an abduction experience that involved her whole family. Led by a number of teams of highly-credentialed investigators, atfair experience is one of the most thoroughly investigated cases ever reported in the annals of hypnotherapy. This page is mainly focused on her experience as a child with the Being of Light she calls “the One.

Her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room. Then, a pulsating reddish-orange light shined in the kitchen window. Betty calmed the frightened children while her father rushed to look out the kitchen window.

He saw a group of strange-looking small creatures approaching with a hopping motion. Five small humanoid creatures entered the house, passing right through the wooden door. Betty’s family was immediately placed into suspended animation. One creature went over to her father. The leader of the other four established telepathic communication with Betty.

The leader was about five feet tall. The others were about four feet tall. All had large andreawson heads, wide catlike wraparound eyes, and diminutive ears and noses. Their mouths were immobile slits that reminded Betty of scar lines. Each wore a coverall blue uniform adorned with a Sam Browne-type belt. An insignia of a bird was affixed to their sleeves.

Their hands had three digits. Later, on the craft, they were gloved. They wore boot-like attire on their feet. They floated rather than walked. Betty’s initial fright was immediately calmed by an overpowering sense of friendship. When she displayed concern for her family’s welfare, andreaswon creatures temporarily released her eleven-year-old daughter, Becky, from this strange state xndreasson unawareness to assure Betty that she was all right. Then Betty was taken outside and brought on board a small craft resting on the side of a hill that sloped into the back yard.


The machine was about twenty feet in diameter. Ajdreasson looked like two saucers, one inverted upon the other, with a small superstructure on top. The small craft accelerated and apparently merged with a larger parent craft, in which Betty was subjected to the effects of strange equipment and a anfreasson examination.

Then she was taken to an alien place and given a bizarre object lesson that caused her to undergo a painful yet ecstatic religious-like experience. Later that night, a At home, she found her family still in a state of suspended animation.

One being had stayed behind to watch affai them during her absence. Then the beings put the family – still under some type of mind control – to bed, and the aliens left. Several times, the aliens had told Betty that certain things had been locked in her mind. She was instructed to forget them and her UFO experience until the appointed time. She consciously remembered only a fraction of the strange encounter; the power failure, the colored light flashing through the window, and the aliens entering the house.

Betty, a devout Christian, interpreted the creatures as religious or angelic in nature. The subject of UFOs was largely unknown to her. Her education had been limited to ten years of schooling, her basic interests included family, church, and community-related activities. Not until andeasson later did she think of her experience as a possible UFO encounter.

Allen Hynekwho was soliciting personal UFO experience information from the public. Betty’s letter contained such few data, however, that anrreasson was filed and forgotten until an investigation in January Andreeasson investigating team consisted of: They employed the services of a professional hypnotist and a medical doctor trained in psychiatry.

During a twelve-month investigationthey conducted an extensive character-reference check, two lie-detector tests, a psychiatric interview, and fourteen lengthy hypnotic regression sessions. Under hypnosis, Betty and her daughter relived a consistent, detailed UFO experience with genuine physiological reactions. Their three-volume, page report led to the conclusion that the witnesses andreassoj reliable and sane individuals who sincerely believed the experience had really occurred.

Her Experience With the Andgeasson of Light The following are the exact transcripts from her hypnotic regression when Betty was regressed to her childhood during one of her first abduction experiences and her encounter with the One.


Betty’s words are in blue. The hypnotherapist’s words are in black. We’re coming up to this wall of glass and a big, big, big, big, big door. It’s made out of glass. Does it have hinges? It is so big and there is – I can’t explain it. It is door after door after door after door. He the alien leading her is stopping there and telling me to stop. I’m just stopping there. And I’m standing there and I’m coming out of myself! There’s two of me!

There’s two of me there! Are you looking at yourself? Do you see the One yet? I’m coming up to the door, and the little person is saying: Again she described its appearance and her out-of-body experience. There’s a big door there, and it is big, but it is strange.

It is like deeper and deeper and deeper. And it’s bright, really bright. And I have to stand before the door. But, before that, I came out of myself. I was just standing over there, and I was standing over here.

There were two of me, but that one over there was stiff. Have you tried to talk to your other self? That won’t work, because I’m over here, and that one is over there. She looks exactly like you? Is she making motions to show you she is alive, like breathing, moving her arms? Would you say she looks like a wax museum piece or something? No, it looks just like me. All right, go on. I was andrdasson to come forward. I went in the door, ajdreasson it’s very andreaxson.

I can’t take you any further. What do you mean, because? I can’t take you past this door. Okay, I’ll tell you what. You go past that door alone then for a few minutes, okay?

Dedication – The Andreasson Affair [Book]

Sometime maybe, if you change your mind, would you tell me? I can’t change my mind. What would happen to you if you did tell anreasson I can’t tell you. Okay, let’s proceed to the first thing you can tell me.

I’m coming out of that door, and it was wonderful! Did the One say something exciting?