Results 1 – 16 of OLD NCERT BOOKS – 1) Ancient India- R.S. SHARMA India’s Ancient Past Edition . by Prof. R. S. Sharma and Vasanti Fadake. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT NCERT, Book, History,. WhatsApp. Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF. The NCERT had entrusted the lesponsibility of preparing courses and . CHAPTER 1 The Importance of Ancient Indian History The study of ancient Indian .

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Caves and rockshelters for use by human beings in the Upper Palaeolithic phase have been discovered at Bhimbetka, 40 kms south of Bhopal Hand-axes and cleavers, blades, scrapers and a few burins have been found there. All this indicates that trade and commerce flourished, especially in post-Maurya and Gupta times. The Wonder That was India Vol. In the day-to-day administration, the king was assisted by a few functionaries. The tribal chiefs and the priests acquired a larger share of the booty, and they naturally grew at the cost of the common people, which created social inequalities in the tribe Gradually the tribal society was divided into three groups — warriors, oriests and the people — on ihdia same pattern as in Iran The fourth division called the sudras appeared towards the end of the Rig Inddia period, because it is mentioned for the first time in the tenth Book of the Rig Veda, which is the latest addition.

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It is as difficult to explain the origin of the Harappan anicent as its end. A fifth city lay at Kalibangan in northern Rajasthan. But there is a large number of coins which have yet to be catalogued and published. But it was not an ideal society There were cases of theft and burglary, and especially we “hear of the theft of cows.

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He brought it to Delhi and asked the pandits of his empire to decipher it, but they failed to do so. The chalcolithic people were generally not acquainted with prof.r.s.wharma bricks, which were sel- dom used. The most numerous varna of vaisya arose out of the vis or the mass of the tribal people The term for family kula is mentioned rarely in the Rig Veda.


He protected its cattle, fought its wars and offered prayers to gods on its behalf. Terracotta Figurines We get many figurines made of fire-baked earthen clay, commonly called terracotta. The Mesopotamian records from about B.

Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT

Copper objects have been ancuent in Painted Grey Ware sites. The Importance of Ancient Indian History 2. The bronze tools and weapons recover- ed from the Harappan sites contain a smaller percentage of tin However, the kit of bronze goods left by the Harappans is considerable, which suggests that the bronzesmiths constitu- ted an important group of artisans in the Harap- pan society.

Late Vqdip texts spi ak of six, eight, twelve and even twenty- four oxen yoked to the plough, This may bp an exaggeration. An epigraphist can decipher most ins- criptions of the country up to about the eighth century, if he has carefully learnt Brahmi and its variations.

The book points out the significant changes and marks the main stages m the development of Indian society in ancient times Attention has been paid to the contribution of ancient Indians to polity, art, literature, philosophy, religion, and science and technology.

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The remains of streets and drains have also been found at Banwali. But there can be no doubt about the Indianness of the Harappan culture.

It seems that as early as B C. As we proceed from the plains of the Indus system through the Gangetic basin to the Brahmaputra basin we find the annual rainfall gradually increasing from 25 cm to over cm The Indus vegetation based on 25 to 37 cm rainfall and possibly the western Gangetic vegetation based on 37 to 60 cm rainfall could be cleared with stone and copper implements and made fit for cultivation, but this was not possible in the prof.r.s.sharmma of the middle Gangetic vege- tation based on 60 to cm rainfall, and cer- tainly not m the case of the lower Gangetic and Biahmaputra vegetation based on to cm rainfall.


For purposes of singing, the prayers of anvient Rig Veda weie sat to tune, and this modified collection 1 was known as the Sama Veda Samhita, In addition to the Sama Veda, in post-Rig Vedic times two other collections were composed These were ‘ the Yajur Veda Samhita and the Atharva Veda Samhita The Yajur Veda contains not only hymns but also rituals which have to accom- pany their recitation, The rituals reflect the social and political milieu m which they arose.

These were raised to and came to be known as Bharatanamed after one of the earliest Vedic tribes The final compilation ncret the verses towhich came to be known as the Mahu- bharata or the Satasahasn Samhita. Narayanan, Shu S H. The valley of Nepal, smaller in size, is accessible to the people of the Gangetic plains through a number of passes.

Trade The Haiappan cities did not possess the necessary raw material for the commodities they produced, They did not use metallic money. What gods did the Rig Vedic people worship and why? The nature and components of metal arti- facts are analysed’ scientifically, and as a result the sources from where metals were obtained are 4 ANCIENT INDIA located and the stages in the development of metal technology are identified.

The two epics and the major Puranas seem to have been finally compiled by circa A D. The most important of them is prof.r.s.xharma hump- ed bull.

Civil Services Books For Chemistry. The utilization of the natural lesources of the countiy has an impoitant healing on its history. But such instances are not too many.