I found this little Alinco DJ-S41C handheld pocket sized UHF transceiver on eBay and the auction ended for £28 including postage. The radio. DJ-S Instruction Manual. Thank you for purchasing this ALINCO FM transceiver. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating instructions. • Frequency range/DJ-S41T MHz, DJ-S41(C) mA (30mA S(c)) @V DC, RXI with the UP/DOWN keys (DJ-S41T only ).

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I guess it doesn’t matter since there’s no room to go adding a Collins filter: On-DOWN turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone off.

Just as good as my Baofeng or other models of handheld radio with the stock antenna so I’m not to concerned about the small antenna. F unction The Function button, while pushed, enables the non-bolded versions of the keys.

Modifications for the Alinco DJ-S41

On-DOWN turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone off. F-Bell sets the alarm which will indicate if something came in. Place the radio face down on a soft towel. You can tell which you’re in since the Calling channel when in use from Call shows as C in the memory channel number, rather tha c. What a stupid little “manual”, it’s all of one sheet, with some space wasted with cyrillic and japanese translations of the half-complete quick reference chart. It came with a small leather protective case, wrist strap and belt clip.


In Use I was expecting more intermod rejection on a unit that isn’t cursed with extended receive. It is the only green component visible on the board.

This is addition; it carries. On-Call toggle Lamp stays on: Alinco made quite a few accessories to go with this radio such as a tie pin microphone, speaker microphone, earpiece microphone, car lighter power adapter and a car holder bracket which would all be handy for mobile use.

Er ikke oplyst i den Engelske brugervejledning. I realize there really isn’t room for a set of helicals, even forbut since I do not buy anything except used scaners cheap at a flea market that has “extended receive” expressly to avoid intermod and image problems, I was a little dissappointed to have ‘scan’ fetch up dj-s41x some perfect doubles between commercial and public service UHF users.

Alinco Dj-s41 440mhz Mini UHF Handheld Transceiver

I could not figure how to get it into 50mW “low power” mode. On-LAMP will toggle whether the light stays turned on until you tap it off again or goes out on its own. While scanning, tapping some buttons are ignored, others just stop the scan. I’ll have to ‘brew one with a or whatever Download Alinco DJ-S41 quick reference.

Setting the desired Tone or Shift value isn’t enough, you have to activate it. But not bad either, compared to say my cheap wide-open scanner on the same frequencies, though, it’s ej-s41c intermod resistant.

  DVS 2205-1 PDF

It will display the xmit frequency if it’s legal, or OFF if it’s offset out of band. Kritik modtages men helst i en positiv “tone”. But it fits alinvo the vest pocket with the radio: As I said before, the radio is in perfect condition and looks hardly used.

While scanning, tapping some buttons are ignored, others just stop the scan.

Alinco EA-50 – Antenna UHF for Alinco DJ-S41C

And AutoPowerOff can turn it off lainco touching the volume. Just about each F -button combo either enters programming mode or toggles a global mode. On-UP turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone On.

The RF board has three filter sections right at the antenna for both spur suppression on xmit and interference rejection on receive, and further filters in the IF. Can’t you find a mods, please don’t e-mail to me. Tryk denne knap hvis der skal scannes. I understand the reason we don’t see this yet is that the US is one of very few countries with a allocation. Newer Post Older Post Home. Tapped during Scan, will stop it on current freq VFO dj-s41 memory.

If you set the wrong split or Offest, using F-Shift: APO betyder auto power-off. Stay tuned for that.