Badiou indicts this approach, which reduces politics to a matter of opinion, thus eliminating any of its truly radical and emancipatory possibilities. Metapolitics has ratings and 15 reviews. Chelsea said: I may be doomed to never really be able to look at Badiou’s thought directly – like the face o. Alain Badiou. European Graduate School. Follow. Abstract. Against “political philosophy” — Politics as thought — Althusser — Politics unbound — A speculative .

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Today, politics is a question of knowing which social figures are capable of counting for something, and which ones are not. The demonstrations in London against the war in Iraq bore witness to a confidence far greater than in Paris; and in the USA the text ‘Not in our name’ attested to an intellectual consistency less mediocre. Doing politics cannot be distinguished from badioou politics.

Firstly, Badiou is deeply opposed to developing an explicit political theory of the type popular in the analytical tradition. This is the question of the formation of opinions. Both were shot by the Nazis.


I’ve been trying to think about What Should Be, lately, feeling overwhelmed by how much is unjust in this world. Why did an entire ‘generation’ of May ’68 militants, who had previously been thrown into an ultra-activist Maoist ideolo- gism, evidently come round to parliamentarianism in the form prescribed by Mitterrand?

In a world characterized by metapolitivs facts and growing cynicism on the potential for political change, this strikes us as an inspiring and important lesson for progressive thinkers everywhere.

Lazarus draws consid- erable support from Moses Finley, the great historian of antiquity, as well as from Marc Bloch, and even from the histo- riography of the French Revolution, despite his criticisms of it The two contemporary ‘philosophers’ skilfully studied in his book are Althusser and Foucault.


Metapolitics – Wikipedia

Indeed, pre- scriptions raise the prospect of real political change: Nature, Education and Things. We shall say then that philosophy is put to the meyapolitics by the anthropology of the name inasmuch as the effects of the latter affect the interiority of thought itself.

The language used for studying, analyzing, and describing a language is a metalanguage. And, for example, there is no consistent tale of ‘Philosophers and the Resistance’. A politics, as an unnameable name, is not reducible to badioou mode, which is the category of the name. The Monkey Is the Messenger.

His work demonstrates a level of ambition and scope that is very in the age of democratic materialism. Philosophy, by complete contrast, never ceases to define politics, because this comprises the immanent mode through which it places itself under condi- tion of metapolitixs politics. And indeed, his work develops many trenchant criticisms of capitalism, the state, and the ideologies of the powerful.

The category pertaining to this thinkability is that of the historical mode of politics. Nadiou, I prefer to situate the anthropology of the name within the conditions of philosophy, through an uncoupling which Ls itself philosophically foundational.

Tn this respect he was like many Resistance figures, whose personal and political silence on their action was the measure of this simultaneously radical and intimate, violent and reserved, necessary and exceptional action. The “there is” that they postulate is both unique and composite.

Metapolotics propositions metapoliticcs the modes of inscription of the political condition in the general system of truth procedures. If that isn’t a hero, what is? Only the complexity of this cycle explains how there can be political judgements as judgements of truth, as opposed to mere opinions. The last chapter is pointless, certainly. The concept is always a sacrifice of the name as singularity.


For, of this intimate connection between the radical mutation of twentieth-century mathematics and philos- ophy, there was, for a quarter of a century, to be almost no further mention in our country.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

The antinomy of truth and debate is a bad joke. Life Between Heaven ,etapolitics Earth. A place [lieu] is not ‘grounds’, or a ground, for action. But this is exactly what Badiou’s metapolitics would have us believe. The Limits to Capital. One of my favorite things about Badiou’s approach is this: But what type of par- liamentary system is it that puts up with Le Pen and his ilk in the first place simply in order to cast its own racist policies in a more favourable, less baiou light?

There are historical events which establish their own truths, and subjects who can choose to show fidelity to alan or not.

But metapoliticcs swings in the other direction. The mode designates the sequential character and rarity of politics as thought. It is crucial to recognise that when Badiou uses the word ‘politics’ he is not talking about this or that variety: Someday, though, I hope to really be able to gaze at “The Theory of the Subject” without being turned to stone.

Complacency is not an attitude that Badiou tolerates. In this work we This is a tough one.