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All activities that can create diversion should be completely avoided. Listen to Swami Tarak Mantra Click here during these 3 days over and over again.

Continue doing Swami Naam Japa Click here or here throughout the 3 days along with your request to Swami to help you. It can be done in mind when you are with other people. When you are alone you should do it loud so that you can clearly heat it.

Chollpa house – Picture of Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple, Solapur

You mind will try to divert to worldy matters, but you must continue to bring it back with Japa. I agree it is not possible but I would say you should do continuous Naam Japa for 24 hours each day.

This confirmation will help you further to carry your prayers to Swami until the problem is fully solved. Your problem will NOT be solved with 3 days of Upasana. Akjalkot “How to do Swami Bhakti” page and try to follow practical instructions given in that.

You should continue Swami Bhakti and Seva until the problem is resolved. The problems you face in the life are because of Karmas in the past lives. The actual resolution of your problem may take several months to several years depending on the strength of bad patch of Karma that is causing the problem.

Long term upasana is to clean those bad karmas akkalkt which are deeply ingrained in your subtle or spiritual body. Stronger the Karma, the more efforts and faith will be required to overcome the problem.

Read more about law of Karma. God Swami is rightly said to be very kind even though he is stern in punishing the wrong-doers and sinful persons with merciful intention to improve them. God is absolutely keen to help you in facing your Prarabdha current Karma account provided you turn your mind away from gross desires, Vasanas subtle desires and Shadripus six passions of the material life and confess your sins committed up-till now open-heartedly with tearful eyes and start behaving properly hereafter in right earnest in obedience to his orders of virtuous behavior keeping your face towards him only.

If this is the case, it is upto you to decide if you follow the Swami Japa or not.

3 days Swami Samarth upasana to cure serious problems in life

One thing is as bright as Sunlight: This is promise given by Shri Swami Samarth. This is promise by the God to you.

Org Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside – Ramana Maharshi.


Swami works where Everything Else has failed! Purna Avatar Never Fails in his promise. Have faith and patience. When you surrender before Swami, Swami stands for you, When Swami stands for you no one can stand against you!! Prepare your mind for Swami Samarth upasana. On this site I have mentioned on many pages that Karma cannot be changed.

If that is true then what is the use of doing any upasana? What is the use of the God that cannot help his devotees? Fortunately for us, God is biased towards those who worship him with a pure mind. Here is the detail answer: How can God help if he cannot change Karma? What is the objective of your Upasana? You CAN use this Upasana to resolve the following types of problems: Once you get that, you should continue Swami Bhakti and Seva until the problem is resolved.

First of all, read following page carefully before starting Swami upasana. This will give your mind a basic spiritual foundation that is extremely necessary before you start the upasana. Understanding the logic and science behind Swami upasana effort is absolutely essential. Chances of your success are very high if you can generate high intensity prayer and maintain atmosphere of extreme purity during the 3 days of upasana.

DO NOT start immediately after reading the pages on this site. You should do good amount of reading about Swami Samarth through books or Internet.

Akkalkot Swami Samarth – Story of Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot.

If you live in Maharashtra you will have lot of Swami Samarth literature available everywhere. Try to read Swami Samarth Charitra especially his chamatkar or leela or miracles. I recommend reading book named “Swami Raja” by Leela Gole. Such reading will give your mind the necessary confidence and level of faith required before starting upasana. Listen to and understand the meaning of Swami Tarak Mantra Click here.

Listen to this Tarak Manatra over and over again untill your faith in Swami reaches to required level. The day you start the upasana you should not have any doubt about presence of Swami Samarth around you. You cannot be focused if you have doubts in mind about the entire upasana effort. You must maintain utmost purity of body and mind during your Swami prayers for 3 days. Your mind should be focused on objective – that you want to come out of trouble you are facing and you are doing the upasana with this and this objective only.

Rest assured, there is nothing wrong in asking divine help if all your efforts have failed. You must carry confidence that swami will respond to your call. Same approach by family members will help enormously.

Prepare your family for the event. Your immediate family members should be aware about your efforts. Participation by family members is not required but they should help towards maintaining atmosphere of purity and food at home. Only one person should be entirely focused on the event. In case cooperation by family members is not available I shall suggest you go to nearest Shri Swami Samarth math few hours in the evening.

Rules you must follow during the 3 swmai of Swami Samarth akalkot. All activities that increase your concentration and focus of mind are encouraged DOs List of things you should DO during these 3 days If you are a student or have a job or business – you must continue it as usual.


Do not take any break for this upasana. All other times in 3 days should be completely devoted for Swami Samarth upasana. If you have a Swami Math somewhere close to your place, you should try to visit it at least once a day.

Doing Seva of about an hour at the Math will be extremely helpful in your objective. Fasting is not required and should be avoided at the same time keep overall food intake at lower levels. Keep sattvik diet during this period. Fruits, milk, butter milk, curd-yogart, ghee should be consumed more than other foods. Maintaining silence for 3 days no talking to anyone for 3 days if possible.

If complete maun vrata is not possible try to keep level of talking to absolutely minimum level. Talk only when it akkaljot absolutely essential, and avoid the talk that may not be necessary.

That will give you required strength in your effort. Absolutely No watching TV during this period. If someone can watch TV that indicates the issue is not serious enough to do such an effort Not listening to songs other than listed below No meetings with friends and extended family visits etc. No eating of onion and garlic. Not going to hotels, parties or any other social events. Avoid working extra hours for job, business, study etc.

If you feel you may be required to work extra hours you should not start upasana during days of such possibility. Swami Upasana for 3 days. The remaining part is not too complex. Important – Getting the rhythm in your mind will help you focus your mind more quickly and in consistent manner. Here are the steps you should follow during all 3 days of Swami upasana Below are Swami Samarth First original photos taken by Kodak photographer read original Kodak photo of Swami samarth story and some paintings of Swami.

Keep any of these Swami Samarth photos or paintings the one you like the most in your Puja place preferably facing east. Here are the images of Swami’s original Padukas. These were touched and worn by Swami himself. Keep any of these Paduka photos in your Puja place preferably facing east. Or you can visit the Paduka photo page frequently if you cannot print copy of it.

Worship these Padukas just by staring at them as many times as you can during these 3 days. Perform Swami puja all 3 days early in the morning after bath and sit before Swami Samarth photo, Paduka Photo in the morning for at-least 10 minutes.

The longer the Japa you do the more it will help the purpose you are doing the upasana. If your upasana effort succeed: If your upasana effort does not succeed: Divine Thoughts for Seekers: Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: