AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting from 7–10 January in Grapevine, Texas The multidimensional program features a speed mentoring leadership. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite Reston, VA AIAA (). AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting from 7–10 January in Grapevine, Nick Skytland, Program Manager, Open Innovation Program, NASA (bio).

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To be selected for the grade of Associate Fellow an individual must be an AIAA Senior Member with at least twelve proggam professional experience, and be recommended by a minimum of three current Associate Fellows. Lt Gen Larry D.

Special Activities and Networking : The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Spin-on Technology for Aeronautics and Space Moderator: Following a careful review of AIAA financials, current membership models, and other relevant data, the AIAA Board of Directors made the difficult decision to approve a three-year plan to modestly increase dues, effective 1 November AIAA continuing education courses provide you with the knowledge you need to excel in your field View the complete course list and scheduled courses. No worries — download any one of our on-demand webinars!

Membership is open to any directly and materially affected, technically qualified individual, pending CoS Chair approval. The documents will provide baseline requirements for the design, fabrication, test, inspection, operation, and maintenance of pressurized hardware used in space systems such as spacecraft and launch vehicles.

Air Force, and the FAA. Membership is requested, especially from industrial and academic representatives, both domestic and international.

This document will be based on the adoption of the contents of the NASA Technical Memorandum TM by the same title and will provide guidelines relative to current natural terrestrial environment criteria to be used for the preparation of requirements for the design, development, and mission operations studies for aerospace vehicles traversing through the terrestrial atmosphere. It provides, in one single reference, a comprehensive description of the state of the art of these natural environment inputs.

The contents of the Guide are based on aerospace vehicle development experiences and consolidate guidelines for natural environments that have been utilized in a large number of space vehicle developments as reflected in the NASA TM. High School students want to learn more about the technical components that go with the Challenge. Please consider being a mentor. Sign up at www. This three-day event and technology showcase will bring together a broad community of stakeholders from industry, academia, and the U.

ASM is the first major multidisciplinary event of the year for aerospace scientists and engineers from around the world, and the one event where it all comes together — research, proogram, education, networking, and fun.


Come and enjoy candid discussion of latest developments and fast-moving initiatives in this exciting field. For more information on this panel contact Eleanor Aldrich. The workshop on 8 January from — hrs, is for anyone interested in holding a workshop in their local section. We will show you how to engage members and get a network ssm between professional and student members and educator associates.

New Horizons Forum

This is a great new program to add to your line-up! On 9 January from — hrs, we will hold the entire Engineers as Educators Workshop for those interested in working with K students and teachers.

Whatever your motivation, there is a workshop for you! Space is limited, so register early. This event hosts the first place winners of the Regional Student Conference in the categories of undergraduate, masters, team, and community outreach. The papers are judged by AIAA professional members who will determine who has the best student papers for this year.

View the sessions for the International Student Conference which will take place on Monday, 7 January To submit progarm abstract, or for the most up-to-date conference information, please visit the corresponding event progrram page, listed above.

Attendees will have the chance to engage the newly elected Congress on many issues related to critical issues in civil aeronautics, civil astronautics, and defense. As always, our goal is to educate members 20013 Congress, congressional staffers, key Administration officials, and other decision makers, about the long-term value that science, engineering, and technology brings to America.

This will be our first chance to educate Congress on the value probram aerospace after the elections! Only your participation, enthusiasm, and passion remind our lawmakers that aerospace is a key component of an economically strong and secure nation. Make sure, regardless if you are a student member, proram professional member, or professional member of AIAA, that you do not miss this vital opportunity progrxm have your congressional representative hear your voice — register for CVD today at www.

The submission deadline for abstracts is 31 January To submit your abstract, or for the most up-to-date conference information, visit www. Armor was recognized for insightful leadership and strong strategic planning for national security space systems and for delivering revolutionary enhanced capabilities to operational users.

Click image for larger version. Effective 1 January all award nominations must be submitted to AIAA through the online nomination system or by using the streamlined nomination form. All award nomination packages will be limited to seven pages, including a one-page nomination form, a one-page basis of award, a one-page resume, a one-page public contributions summary, and three signed one-page letters aisa endorsement from AIAA members in good standing.


Special Activities and Networking

AIAA will accept the old format i. As of Januarynomination packages that exceed the page limit will be returned to the nominator.

In his latest book, Missile Design and System EngineeringEugene Fleeman presents a comprehensive review of the missile design and system engineering process, drawing on his decades of experience in the development of missiles and their technologies. This book has been adapted from Fleeman’s earlier title, Tactical Missile Design, Second Edition to include a greater emphasis on systems engineering.

Commissioned on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, here is the fascinating historical account of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics orogram and its predecessor organizations, the American Rocket Society and The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences — and the significant contributions each has made to the evolution of flight.

From the early struggles to create and distinguish aeronautics as a distinct profession, through the technological necessities brought on by two world wars, to the incredible advances spawned by the Space Age, this narrative covers it all in a highly readable, thoroughly researched way.

Reading like an aeronautical and astronautical “who’s who,” it is also the amazing story of the organizations’ founders, leaders and members — visionary individuals and dedicated engineers advancing theories and technologies in ask profession that has forever changed society and shaped everyday life as we know it.

What did the International Space Station receive for the first time on 2 November ? Since deregulation indecisions on fares and regions of service aiqa been left up to the carriers.

Set up an account today and gain access to a variety of aerospace job postings, salary information, professional career timelines and much more!

View the full suite of career resources on the AIAA website! Rice, Educator Associate member, Executive Director of Fly to Learn, and pilot for the upcoming Think Global Flight, a circumnavigation of the Earth, set to take off in the fall progran As Executive Director of Fly to Learn, she enables students of all ages to learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM through designing, building, and flying virtual airplanes.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. May — May Learn What’s Happening in Commercial Space. Armor Recognized for Leadership.

Effective 1 January Book of the Month. Presentations Now Progarm Online. AIAA in the News.