Adductor tendinopathy symptoms include groin pain and stiffness at the beginning of an activity or in the morning, Dr Peters provides this treatment in Claremont. Adductor tendinopathy describes a number of conditions that develop in and around the tendon in response to chronic overuse [1] At a histopathological level . Adductor Tendinopathy. It is estimated that between 10 and 18% of all injuries worldwide among male soccer players yearly involve groin pain (Engebretsen et .

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Force applied should be just below pain threshold. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. Initial pain is intense and soon followed by a dull ache.

We will use rendinopathy personal information to process your enquiry and contact you with relevant information.

Ultrasound evaluation provides the assessment of musculotendinous structures, soft tendinopwthy and insertional area of tendons, ligaments and the fascia on the cortical bone. Finally, specific sport actions are introduced by increasingly complex exercises along with a preventive program to limit pain recurrences.

Lean forward so upper body is supported by couch, hips flexed to 90 deg. In sub-acute phase, tendinopathyy strengthening is increased tenvinopathy the introduction of concentric and eccentric exercises Fig. The Axial T2 MRI, located at the level of tenvinopathy inferior body of the pubis at the adductor longus tendons, demonstrated an intense bright marrow signal within the body of the pubis bilaterally Figure 1.

Fast track your treatment Just enter your details below and we’ll ring you to provide a quote or answer your questions. Adductor tendinopathy is a common but infrequently recognised cause of chronic groin pain especially in athletes. From diagnosis to return to the sports field. A degenerative tendon is usually seen in the older athlete and occasionally in the younger depending on the extend of the chronic overloading.

Adductor tendinopathy

Frequent case reports of groin pain reveal hip osteoarthritis, sclerosis and remodeling of the limiting bone of symphisis pubis Fig. Symptoms Patients will often report unilateral upper adductor pain. Weak and poorly stretched adductor muscles are more at risk of developing tendinopathy.


That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated. Insertional tendinopathy of the adductors and rectus abdominis is common in male athletes, especially in tendknopathy players. McCrory P, Bell S.

Steroid injections are not always indicated due to the potential for tendon rupture if injected directly into the tendon. Imaging review of groin pain in elite athletes: Regenerative injection of elite athletes with career-altering chronic groin pain who fail conservative treatment: An inguinal hernia could be easily diagnosed by accurate physical examination, and confirmed with ultrasonography or a herniography Individuals may respond well to rehabilitation programmes or the in some cases the tendon may be unresponsive to a range of treatment.

The bright signal within the tendon is more obvious on the left side than the right. Plain radiographs allow to assess the symmetry of the hips, pelvis and tendon insertional area and osseous pathologies like arthrosis, fractures or lytic lesions. Adductor Tendinopathy The adductors are a group of muscles on the inside of your thigh that help bring your legs together.

Attach cable pulley to ankle, perform adduction movement standing next to machine. Secondary cleft sign as a marker of injury in athletes with groin pain: Stretching is also not indicated in the reactive stage as it can produce a compressive force on the affected tendon, aggravating the symptoms.

Your doctor will advise protection, rest, ice application, compression and elevation PRICE of the area.

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times. If experiencing a flare up a week or two may be needed to settle this but rehab and re-introduction to activities should be started as soon as tolerated. Adductor tendinopathy is commonly caused by a tendon being forcibly stretched while it is being flexed, such as during a football tackle, or during side-to-side motion.

Adductor Tendinopathy Treatment & Physiotherapy Melbourne

If not treated promptly and adequately, adductor tendinopathy may become chronic. Once the patient is pain free, progressive range-of-motion and strengthening exercises will begin. Rehabilitation measures, particularly in acute phases, consists of postural balance techniques through global and site specific stretching, the use of mechanical and proprioceptive orthotic insoles and, if necessary, global postural reeducation RPG 41 Fig.


The groin is the transitional area between the abdomen and the lower limbs. Identifying risk factors for hamstring and groin injuries in sport: The overloading of the pubic symphysis and insertional tendons could be induced by the strength imbalance between the hypertonic adductor muscle and hypotonic large flat muscular sheets of the abdomen Imaging Radiological confirmation may require plain radiographs to exclude avulsion injury or heterotopic calcification.

Anterior observation is important to assess knee axis and rotula orientation. This report reviews the relevant literature on adductor musculotendinous pathology, examines the common differential diagnosis for tendinopatby with groin pain and adds one more case report to the literature where the diagnosis has been made clinically and was confirmed by MRI.

Lift bottom heel upwards. Kaplan P, et al. Prolonged rest will not help aeductor population.

Standing adduction with leg pulley. Other factors can be; a lack of warming up, inactivity, fatigue, obesity, age-related weaknesses, degeneration or genetics. Please review our privacy policy. Pharmacotherapy consists of systemic administration or local injection tendinopatht NSAIDs, corticosteroids 39 and, recently, supplements aimed at muscles and tendons hydrolized collagen, vitamins, Methylsulfonylmethane, Arginine, Ornithine and platelet derived growth factor PDGF Curr Sports Med Rep.

Minimal Repair technique of sportsmen’s groin: The incidence and differential diagnosis of acute groin injuries in male soccer players.

How is an adductor tendinopathy treated?

Then adduct the leg. MRI for this pathology may show hyperemia and edema of sub-chondral bone in cases of symphysis pubis arthropathy and insertional tendinophaty