Find the acsm files you downloaded in the computer, then click them, they will be opened by Adobe Digital Editions. If they can not be opened normally, you may. If you’ve purchased an e-book and tried to add the downloaded ACSM file to your e-book reader, you’ve no doubt noticed that the file may not actually work. I am using ZetPDF SDK. It is really easy to develop PDF functionality using this SDK. You can download the SDK from this link. (ZetPDF – PDF library

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What is an ACSM file?

.acsm to epub/pdf

As the image below shows, an. For details about converting. Just need 3 steps. Please note that fiel PDF generated from. This article also covers this part. ACSM is designed by Adobe which helps you manage, read or transfer your ebooks to another e-reader.

Furthermore, only Adobe Digital Editions can open acsm file.

Convert ACSM to EPUB and Remove DRM

So firstly please download and install it. Adobe Omzetteen Editions for Windows download: ADE for Win 8. Adobe Digital Editions for Mac download: ADE for Mac If this is the first time using ADE, you will see a dialogue box.

Then you need to input your Adobe ID to authorize the current computer. Of course you can also create an Adobe account to register if you don’t have an Adobe ID yet.

Though Google docs told us that we can authorized ADE with google id, but in fact most of us will fail to finish the authorization. This makes us frustrated. If you met the same problem, the correct solution is to obtain an Adobe ID use the same email address as your google id.

If they can not be opened normally, you can click the right mouse, select Open with—Adobe Digital Editions. And if you have already downloaded the. As soon as the downloading part is completed, you would see all your PDF books. Choose one book in the main window, click the right button and select ” Item Info “a new dialog box will pop up.


It shows the location of the downloaded ebooks. Just copy them with the USB cable. But there is an important thing you should remember that it would be better to make your eReaders be authorized with the same Adobe account the same e-mail address. To meet your demand perfectly, I recommend you the best software Epubor Ultimate which makes it possible to convert ACSM to Casm supported formats azw, mobi or convert acsm to Apple device supported formats lmzetten Author.

Then you drag the books you want to read on other devices to the right blank space.

All ebooks will be decrypted at once and you can convert them to any formats you want. Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor sincecasm everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you. Can’t believe I’m supposed to maar some Adobe app to get a book I paid for. Every time I install an Adobe product I have to fight tooth and scsm to keep their fucking bloatware off my machine. Can hardly believe a software giant like Adobe is so intent to grasp at every penny that they would engage in an embarrassing practice like that.

Any have you ever read their TOS? Check out flash player sometime. If anyone can give Google a run for their money on being invasive, it’s those guys.

I did with several naqr and still happening. How to read books on Adobe Digital Editions. This is a lifesaver. I thought I was stuck with the awful Booktopia app!

How to Convert ACSM to PDF Free

I had a book of Windows could not open with omzettn contribution I can make and if formatting my computer I can open another user solamante my Adobe and my ASCM file. Thank you helped me. Many thanks for this. I’m so happy cause now I can use Balabolka to convert my Ebook in audio file for my mother who have eyes problem Thank you very much!!!!: This software worked perfectly on fille ACSM files.


The process is very simply to follow. This useful little thing desires a good review. Thanks for the article. Shame about the whole Adobe thing. Bite me, Adobe and Google. Thank you so much!

Thank you this worked filw. I was very frustrated when I bought a teaching resource book from google and couldn’t even print off the worksheets.

I wasted a lot of time trying to work it out until I found this method.

Does it contain malware? I don’t want my PC to get infected. Hi, The software doesn’t contains any malware. God bless you dude! Just tried with with a Google Play ebook and it worked!

Hello, if possible send your screenshot image to epubor support staff support epubor. I have been using Kobo Ereaders since they first came into existence. I tried many differing softwares, but the only one I stick with is Omzdtten Ultimate. This is the best and easiest book conversion tool there is.

How to remove DRM from .acsm file

The few times I have required help, Ada and the team of agents have been great. If I had a problem converting a book, all I had to do was send them the book file and they even did it for me. Superb customer service and care. I wish all companies were like this one.

Thank you all at Epubor!