hi, i m giving my exam on sept 30 ,kindly help me in giving me the latest dumps of CCNa my email address is [email protected] http://www.9tut 2. CCNA – Basic Questions. Question 1. For which type of connection should a straight-through cable be used? A. switch to switch. B. switch to. Tuesday, 31 July FREE CCNA Simulations – The website was recommended to us in College – especially for its . i have cleared the ccna with great success i got dump from.

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Please people get a simulation program like gns3 or packet tracer to practice the simulation, unfortunately for me I did not do that, as such i 201 of struggle trying to get the simulation, even though I knew the answers, that is reason for the lower score exams had EIGRP, VTP,Acess-List 2. Find out more or Sign In. Hi, I am going to take ccna exam anyone can send latest dump.

CCNA Training » Practice CCNA Labs with Packet Tracer Simulator

I had so much problem with the access-list exam simulation that I had to skip it, still 1 made enough to pass. I got the CCNA certification, will this certification expire?


This domain will be sent to a DNS server. Network Resources Free Router Simulators. Ironman Senior Member Posts: Hi All, I have downloaded all files but unable to see the question regarding the lab simulation.

CCNA FAQs & Tips

If an address conflict is detected, the address is removed from the pool for an amount of time configurable by the administrator. I will take ccna exam on next week. PC to switch C. Newer Post Older Post Home. Wed Sep 01, 8: Can I know the fee of exam now ….

Practice Real CCNA Labs with Packet Tracer Simulator

From the comments here and information from other places, this article tries to summarize all the CCNA frequently asked questions to save you ccnaa time. A You are an idiot and you do not know what 9tut is B you are an idiot because you knew, and still posted.

Thank u very much! In the real exam you will be taken to a LAB simulation environment but it is, in fact, just a group of 4 multi-choice questions! Please could anybody tell me.

Tue Mar 12, 8: 201 Resources Free Router Simulators. Thank you very much! Proxy ARP request D. Please do not cheat, earn your exam.

If you are not a native English speaker and have minute expansion ask your teacher or testing center to confirm than you can spend 20 minutes for each sim. But the most important topic is subnetting so make sure you understand how to subnet.


Please say thanks to Runiyawho 9tutt these lab-sim questions on Packet Tracer. I can even recall asking in a thread what they were. I am taking in June, please send me the latest dumps cheriejenny yahoo.

I am not going to condemn you because either: Plz update me on any changes. Wanted to know the pattern and marks allotted for SIM. Ddumps of today June 20ththe above referenced dumps were valid in USA. A network administrator issues the ping Hi xallax Thank you for your assistance thus far, i really appreciate it.

Please can someone send the latest dumps to me, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for all, i pass my test. About 4 came up so it was a productive last minute review session! Can anyone help me i prepare ccna exam kindly send me latest dumps through my mail id: Hey guys i wil take the exam the next week, could you send dymps the lastest dump thanks oavalos desbocorp.